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When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蝸牛有愛情 2016 Episode Recap Summary

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Episodes: 21
Genre: Detective, Criminal, Romance

Xu Xu (Wang Zi Wen) is a behavioral profiler who works for the police. She's a genius in her field
but lacking in the EQ department, her nickname is "snail"- because her emotional and physical reactions are slow as a snail. She interns in the Criminal Investigations Unit under Ji Bai (Wang Kai) alpha no nonsense department captain, hence his nickname- the lion. From the beginning Ji Bai does not approve of Xu Xu. She got into his department because of her smarts and connections- she didn't even pass the basic physical test needed to get in. But the more cases they solve together the better they know each other and before the know it, the snail and the lion fall in love.

Episode 1 Summary-
Ji Bai is in Myanmar acquiring an ancient pipe for his childhood friend, Ye ZiXi. But he doesn't forget to leave instructions- get rid of the new intern who couldn't pass her physical exam. XuXu, the aforementioned intern is an expert in criminal psychology. So good at reading people, she figures out everyone's nicknames within an hour of meeting them and manages deduce, Ji Bai isn't going to let her off easily for not passing her physical.  

Episode 2 Summary-
For their first case, someone buried blades in the ground at public parks and monuments. Xu Xu mystically deduces someone was trying to slander the Ye Corporation (the company who made the blades) and one of the higher ups, Zhang Xi Yong has been kidnapped. It should be noted, Zhang Xi Yong is married to the Ye Corp heiress, Ye Qiao. But he cheated on her so she's not too interested in saving him. The police set a trap to have Ye Qiao drop off the money with an undercover cop, Yao Meng, another female police intern.

 Episode 3 Summary-
At the drop off site, they catch the wrong person, a pick pocket. Only Xu Xu notices that the janitor is off and follows him to the roof. But she's no match for the kidnapper and ends up being held hostage instead. A tear leaks from her eye, indicating how scared she was but her mind is still moving a thousand miles a minute. She figures out the kidnapper is Yang Cheng Zun's son (someone the Ye corp wronged).  Ji Bai comes to the rescue last minute and tackles the kidnapper from behind. Unimpressed with XuXu, he congratulates her on being the first detective to be held hostage by the criminal. In the interrogation room, the criminal insists he was only doing it mainly for ransom to revenge his father but XuXu sees right through him. Why wait all these years to exact his revenge? Why kidnap the son in law who isn't even related by blood. There would have been plenty of other better picks.
Zhang Xi Yong's mistress was Ye ZiXi (also an heiress of Ye Corp and Ye Qiao's cousin). The criminal was madly in love with Ye Zi Xi and angry at Zhang Xi Yong for taking away the love of his life and putting her in the mistress position. He was never going to let Zhang Xi Yong go even after getting the ransom. Ji Bai had figured it all out and already rescued the hostage (from a horrible death by being smother with cow feces) by the time Xu Xu tells him about her deductions. He tells her ZiXi is his good friend and she is not a mistress. In a cool but also mean way, he tells Xu Xu to leave his unit.

Episode 4 Summary-
Ji Bai gives Xu Xu the ultimatum. pass the physical exam or leave his unit in 3 months. Her fellow intern, Yao Meng, beauty queen/pentathlon champion, helps her but it's a long way to passing her test.
One morning, Zhang Xi Yong stops Ji Bai and Xu Xu on their way to work. He wants to "thank" them for saving him but his real purpose was to try and get a read on Ji Bai. Ji Bai is the third heir to another big corporation and also the one Ye ZiXi admires.. Xu Xu guesses that Zhang Xi Yong was trying to get a feel of what kind of person Ji Bai is and appear as the bigger man in front of him but he failed and left angrily. Again, because she thinks Zhang Xi Yong and Ye Zi Xi have a romantic relationship,

Episode 5 Summary-
Ji Bai tells Xu Xu not to buy breakfast for them anymore. It's not going to change his mind about her. Xu Xu straightforwardly tells him Yao Meng bought the food and she bought his favorite food because Yao Meng cared deeply about him. Embarrassed, Yao Meng stutters that it's just because she idolizes him.... not that she has a crush on him, Lol.
But seeing Yao Meng so frazzled. Xu Xu apologizes for embarrassing her friend and swears that she will learn. It's here that Ji Bai sees Xu Xu in a new light. Not as the confident genius who only cares about achieving her goal but as a person who is willing to learn and cares about the people around her.
In the middle of a human trafficking case, Ye ZiXi calls Ji Bai to tell him she's ending their friendship and can't see him again. Surprised, Ji Bai was about to find her but gets another call saying a girl linked to their trafficking case was found murdered.

Episode 6 Summary-
The murder brings them closer to the human trafficking mastermind as Ye Zi Xi sends Ji Bai an urgent text to save her.

Episode 7 Summary-
Ji Bai is too late, Ye Zi Xi is found dead in her villa. Ji Bai is hit hard but he reigns his emotions in to solve the case.

Episode 8 Summary-
Zhang Shi Yong is the primary suspect. He is Ye Zi Xi's secret lover. His fingerprints were found everywhere in the apartment but he had no motive and no hard evidence. The next biggest suspect is  Zhang Xi Yong's wife. On top of being cheated on, she also had an unsavory rivalry with Ye Zi Xi. She admits to killing Ye Zi Xi.
On a cuter note, Ji Bai stole Xu Xu's breakfast and drinks out of her water bottle at dinner (indirect kiss!). But when Xu Xu tries to help Ji Bai, her psychoanalyzing becomes too much. He draws the line and tells her not to cross it.

Episode 9 Summary-
Rethinking and feeling bad, Ji Bai lets Xu Xu psychoanalyze him but he actually learns more about her and how she became to be a "little alien". She got so good at analyzing people because she's always been smaller than everyone, in addition when she skipped a few grades, her classmates wouldn't play with her so she just observed them. Saw what they did, their emotions, guessed how they felt and what they would do next. The more she played the game, the better she got at it.

Episode 10 Summary-
Even though the wife confessed, things still didn't add up so Xu Xu goes back to the crime scene. Similar in size and weight there should be no way the wife was able to push Ye Zi Xi over a railing to her death and escape without a scratch herself. In addition, Zhang Shi Yong said he heard the ding from a microwave. But Ye Zi Xi had a salad for dinner. there was no need to use the microwave. The air conditioner was also on. But it's cold outside, the heat should have been on instead. In addition, Ji Bai says the actual killer must be someone important to the Zhang Shi Yong's wife. In the interrogation room, she was so determined to confess, she must be covering for someone she deeply cared about. They conclude it was the wife's brother. There's enough motive and because they figured out how the time of death was altered (someone injected cold water into her stomach using syringes Ye Zi Xi had at home for her gastritis) his alibi was voided.

Episode 11 Summary-
In the interrogation room, the brother admits to killing Ye Zi Xi. She had lost the company so much money, was in cahoots with his brother in law and yet she wasn't showing any remorse at all. In his anger he pushed her over the railing. But it turns out he didn't kill her either. She was alive even after she fell. It was the assistant who killed her. He had walked in on the brother, shocked and still over Ye Zi Xi after she fell. He ushered the brother out and began his "work." Eerily, he was the one who texted Ji Bai. The assistant was the one who injected the ice water and stabbed her to death. But by the time Xu Xu and Ji Bai concluded this, it was too late. The assistant had escaped by boat to another country.

Episode 12 Summary-
Ji Bai had gotten injured when saving Xu Xu. She goes to his house to bring him dinner and clean his house. Ji Bai thinks she's trying to get on his good side and bribe him with the help but she straight up tells him she just wants to do it.
In their dorm, Yao Meng decipher's Xu Xu's actions for her. The snail has fallen in love with the lion. That's why she just wants to help and make him happy. The first time the lion saved the snail, the snail was annoyed but the second time he saved her, all she cared for was his safety. Now, even when he yells at her, to her, he's cute and caring.
Ye Corp is in deep water by now. Aside from the whole murder case, the CEO of Ye also found loads of drugs in their storage. The assistant, who looked slow and honest, was actually an ingenius and evil crook.
The human trafficking case remains unsolved. Yao Meng is sent undercover to play a potential trafficking victim, At first Xu Xu asks if she should help via satellite since last time she got the department in trouble but Li Bai says "it's alright since he's there." Aww. They play a couple at the stake out but afterwards, Xu Xu's face is all red. Li Bai asks if she's ok and she tells him to leave some distance between them, he's a man and she's a woman after all. Ji Bai just laughs and says there's no genders when it comes to "aliens." lol.  

Episode 13 Summary-
Xu Xu speculates their criminal mastermind is a large male between the age of 30-40. They make the arrest and save all the female and children trafficking victims. But Xu Xu finds a used face mask in the master bedroom and realizes she had it all wrong. Their target is a female.

Episode 14 Summary-
Realizing her cover was blown, the criminal mastermind kills a nurse and escapes but not before wounding Yao Meng and Ji Bai's best friend. Ji Bai gets into deep trouble for letting two interns in on such a dangerous mission and on top of it, one of them got severely injured.

Episode 15 Summary-
Everyone on the team is emotionally scarred. Yao Meng can't fire a gun anymore and Xu Xu takes to her comics for relief. She feels that it's her fault for not accurately profiling the target. Ji Bai helps her train physically as she only has one month left before her physical exam and the higher ups are making him bring her to Cambodia where the trafficking mastermind fled to.

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