Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Little Princess 親愛的 公主病 Ep 1 Recap

Once upon a time, there was a princess cursed by a wicked witch. Everyone that she liked would be destined to fall in love with someone else.

Our heroine princess is Lin Xing Chen. Perfect and proper, she opened her own art gallery before she was able to drive.

However, her fairy tale life style is not as perfect as it seems. Her mother was the private mistress of the passed CEO of Dolly Inc making her status illegitimate. She's the only heiress but because of her illegitimate status and her biological mother's rather extravagant shopping tendencies, she has to work extra hard to maintain her image and status in the family.

Her "official mom" (her step mother) is a stern no nonsense business woman who engages her to Zheng Chu Yao, a prince charming heir to his own conglomerate. Their marriage will be purely business and Lin Xing Chen isn't hyped about it- she has nothing but bad memories about Zheng Chu Yao but eventually agrees to it as a necessary part to her life.

That night, Xing Chen arrives at the ball to confirm their engagement. She hasn't seen Chu Yao in years so she doesn't know what he looks like. Only that he's wearing a white tux.

She mistakens the pianist as Chu Yao and plays a stupendous duet with this quiet "ice face" (in chinese she calls him a "Bing Quai Lian which is literally ice face and basically means he like a piece of ice and no emotions) ... only to find out thats not Chu Yao.

This guy is Jiang Nian Yu. A resident genius at just about everything.

Chu Yao instead has grown up to be a fine... scratch that it seems as if he hasn't matured at all. When they were young, there was a misunderstanding between the two of them involving a shoe and a tower of champagne glasses. (Chu Yao finds Xing Chen's shoe, like a princess, Xing Cheng asks him to put it on her foot only for him to sneer at her and say he won't do that for a mere girl like her. lol they were only five or seven. Upset, Xing Chen throws her shoe at him.... but it hits a tower of champagne glasses. When Chu Yao's dad asks who did it, she automatically says Chu Yao. You can imagine the beating he got that night, Heir or not. lol)

Back to present time, he smugly tells XingChen he already has a lover, she's the apple of his eye so Xing Chen should just give up.

Yu Yang Yang- the resident Cinderella/damsel in distress with a confidence level of zero is his "lover". Case and point, Yang Yang, timid as a mouse, backs away and clumsily drops a plate. Xing Chen tells her the plate is worth more than three months of her salary; the whole time Yang Yang just stand quietly and submissively lets Xing Chen tell her off.

Chu Yao quickly inserts himself to defends Yang Yang, this was really Xing Chen's fault, she was too "intimidating" and made Yang Yang break the plate. lol

Not giving up, lover or not, Xing Chen "coincidentally" goes jogging in Chu Yao's neighborhood. (She lives across town lol)

She bumps into Chu Yao and puts on a "wow what a coincidence seeing you here" face. It's fate, they should go on a date!

 Smirking, Chu Yao agrees to go on a date with her....

only to not show up.

Fed up and tired, (the girl was only trying to do her job, she'd spent hours getting dolled up and even sat around her house doing nothing to be the appropriate fashionably half an hour late but not too late as to be rude), Xing Cheng goes to her hide out, a manga cafe to blow off some steam.

Why would Chu Yao do that to her?

Bringing out her wildly productive and colorful imagination, she postulates that Jiang Nian Yu and Chu Yao were really together.

Nian Yu heard about their date and forbid Chu Yao from going. lol

She was only doing what her step mom told her to.

It wasn't like she really liked him.

No worries, she will make him fall deeply in love with her and then she will dump him cruelly, serves him right for ditching her.

Unknown to her, throughout her rant, a bear mascot stood beside her listening to everything. lol. 

Xing Chen runs after the mascot but gets stopped because she hasn't paid for her session yet and forgot her wallet at home. Thankfully the mascot pays for her and even saves her from a group of unruly men. 

Thankful, Xing Chen makes a good friend out of the bear mascot.

What she doesn't know is that underneath the mask is Nian Yu, Mr. Ice Face.

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