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Blue Veins 殭 2016- Recap Ep 1

Meet Lam Mo Nam, a regular girl looking for love. After traveling all the way to Holland for yet another failed blind date (involving a particularly narrow minded farmer) she was about to give up looking for her other half when a mysterious man saves her and her purse as she's about to be robbed. 

Is it just me or the idea of going all the way to Holland for a blind date sounds extreme?

The man who saved her is Ying Wut Zeuk (whose name sounds ironically  like "still living").

Five hundred years ago, still a mere mortal, he was part of the imperial secret service.

His secret service team consisted only of the best of the best. But even they were no match for vampires. They fought to the death until only 10 men were left.

As a last stance, the last 10 men buried their dead comrades, gathered their pure silver swords and went head to head with the vampires.

They fought to their last breath but the vampires kept appearing by the dozens. Eventually even the last 10 were killed and the vampires were victorious.

Miraculously, lightening struck the dead bodies, giving them life again. Except this time, they couldn't be injured or grow old, they were the "undead".

Nowadays, he blends in as a regular human by day... and slaughters vampires by night.

In the meantime, our young main cast consisting of siblings Ho Nin, Ho Yuet and the highly superstitious Yao Ling traveled all the way to Holland in search of clues about a love story between a mortal and a vampire.

The story goes that a regular man, the "Flying Dutch Man" fell in love with a vampire. He traveled far and long to get water from a special spring which would turn his lover back into a normal human. But alas, by the time he got the water, it was too late.

They all the way to the vampire's grave.

And luckily escape before they become vampire feed .

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dramas to Watch this Week- April Week 4

Back to 1989

The Classic of Mountains and Seas


Refresh Man

Blue Veins

Blue Veins 殭 2016

Episodes: 33

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Vampires,


Ying Wut Zeuk  (Kevin Cheng) is an undead soldier who has lived for 500 years with the sole purpose of killing vampires. To protect his identity and the mortals around him, he keeps a distance from the real world, showing up only to kill vampires.

Lam Mo Nam  (Tse Kay) is a good spirited coroner with a single magic power- bringing dead people back to life for one minute. She's direct and will go for what she wants but very small things can annoy or offend her. She keeps a "death note" like notebook on her at all times, jotting down names and events of things that annoyed her. Unknown to even herself, she used to be a vampire. Unlike her peers, she did good deeds and was gifted magical water which turned her into a normal human for a decade. In return, she forgot her past as a vampire.

She meets Ying Wut Zeuk and they develop deep feelings for each other but the water's powers have run out and she starts reverting back.  

As mortal enemies, they can never be. But fate has other plans. Will they ever be together?

Kiwi Comments:

Tse Kay is a singer in real life and this is her first TVB drama. Her husband, Louis Cheung, has had more screen time, in dramas such as "Gilded Chopsticks" and "Inbound Troubles." Heard a lot of bashing about her acting skills, but I think she's doing a good job for her first time. I really like her character. It's light and positive but really funny at the same time. Her book was the source of many bouts of laughter. And as a side note, she's 39 years old and has a child. I would love to look like her when I'm at that age.

Kevin Cheng on the other hand, his acting has not changed. His mannerisms and quirks have not changed from eight years ago when he filmed "The Seventh Day."

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Go Goal Fighting! 旋风十一人2016

Episodes: 35

Genre: School life, Modern, Romance, Comedy


Mu Qi (Hu Ge) is a retired soccer player sent to coach a dismal high school soccer team. The team loves playing soccer but the only thing they are good at are instigating fights. On top of that, Mu Qi doesn't have noble goals such as making the team better for righteous sake, he just wants to curry favor with the principal so he can borrow their soccer field for a cheap price.

 Pei Du (Maggie Jiang) is a newly graduated teacher who gets stuck baby sitting them aka making sure they don't get into trouble. She's enthusiastic but can't stand Mu Qi, thinking he's a slacker and good for nothing.

Watch as these two somehow transform the districts worst team into champions and well rounded adults.  

Kiwi Comments:
It's so good I stayed up all night to watch the 3 episodes out and then cry a little when realizing I had to wait for episode 4 T.T Hu Ge does not disappoint. Ah it's so good.

重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016 Recap Ep 3 & 4

I recapped episode 3 and 4 together because nothing much happens. 

Mom tells Mu Zi Che to take Ji Ying home and he easily complies. It's something the old Mu Zi Che never would have done so Mom and Ji Ying give him weird looks trying to figure out which is more out of character, him listening to his mom or actually agreeing to be near Ji Ying without a ten foot stick. 

Directer Feng casts Mu Zi Che into a new film as the second male lead. He may have not been chosen during training but Jing Feng always has a plan for his pawns.

He also changes his stage name to Yun Xiu, Du Fei's original name.

To clarify, some people choose stage names and that's how they will be called in newspapers and the populace. For example: Shu Qi's real name is Lin Li-Hui. Shu Qi is just her stage name and that's what everyone knows her has.

So in this case, Yun Xiu was the original name in his previous life and upon entering the entertainment industry he chose to be called Du Fei.

Now, he's Mu Zi Che but his stage name will be Yun Xiu.

 Sometimes I think all Lin Xuan will do in this drama is cry at grave sites.

On scene, Mu Zi Che gives the main male lead some acting advice.

Xie Yi unknowingly hears his tips (it's the same advice Du Fei gave him once upon a time).  

Feeling that the coincidences are too much, from the new stage name to the advice, Xie Yi decides to test him out with a bit of seafood (Du Fei is allergic to that).

Luckily, Director Feng helps him on the down low and saves his life from an allergic reaction. Everyone should have a Director Feng in their lives, a snarky perfectionist who pretends not to care but always appears when you need them. Aww. 

Meanwhile Ji Ying's life isn't all flowers and candy either.

Her opposing female lead curries favor with the director to bully her.

In a surprisingly mature move, she takes it all in and doesn't throw a fit on set. (I was totally expecting her to do something horrendous and post it on weibo haha) 

But when Mu Zi Che gets hurt from saving her it's her last straw. You can bully her all you want, But when it comes to Mu Zi Che, no one can hurt him... cept her.

She slaps the sh*t out of the other actress. Ha take that!

But it comes back to bite her when the other actress faints and gets hospitalized "from the trauma."

It gets all over the papers and no, not all publicity is good publicity as it threatens to end her acting career.

So our mysterious Benefactor, didn't catch his name yet, is actually the CEO of Mu Zi Che's acting firm.

He saved him because he encountered a similar situation in his past. His best friend betrayed him too and left him for dead.

He pitied Du Fei and took him under his wing.

There must be more to it. If he was really that good of a person, he would let Du Fei live happily with Lin Xuan and forget about this revenge business. (Also, this is the same guy who played the bad guy in Naughty Princess, anyone else recognize him? Guess, he's on a still doing the outward good person but has an underground evil identity roles)

Du Zi Che feels bad since Ji Ying did partially get in trouble because of him and goes visit her to see how she's doing.

Jing Feng catches them together and gives them a good scolding. If you guys wanted to meet up why in a hotel room of all places, did you really need more publicity at this point? And demands that they never meet alone again.

Did anyone else notice that Jing Feng checked the bedroom first when he walked in. Trying to see if they had any hanky panky.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 & 4
Episode 5

重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016 Recap Ep 5

Mu Zi Che feels really bad about all the problems that are arising because of the slapping scandal.

No matter the consequence he will take responsibility. 

"Oh Really?" Jing Feng says with teary eyes. "I've been fired, are you going to take care of me?"

Getting nervous, Mu Zi Che says yes.

"You sure? My suits are all tailored, shoes are hand made from Italy, even my toothbrush is imported from Japan" 

"I also need fresh roses every time I bathe and a personal attendant when I can't sleep to stay up and talk with me" ha. 

You can literally see the sweat pouring from Mu Zi Che's forehead but he sticks to his promise. 

Laughing Jing Feng tells him to review a "how not to be so gullible" self help book.  

Mu Zi Che counters, he's not gullible but he trusts Jing Feng. Everything Jing Feng says, he will count as the truth. 

Meanwhile, Ji Ying has hit bottom. She sends out Weibo message "I've decided to leave the entertainment industry, Good bye." How morbid.

Mu Zi Che gets the message. Aww you follow her on Weibo?

He rushes to save her and does some Mu Zi Che therapy to have her hang in there.

Jing Feng "persuades" the annoying female lead to apologize and tell the truth or else pictures of your affair will show up in tomorrow's newspaper.

 Insert 5 minute Pong cameo that doesn't evolve the plot. She must be really big in the entertainment community. She shows up for a total of 5 minutes, plays no importance, but her picture on the main poster is before Lin Xuan and Ji Ying. 

Also wanted to point out how funny they look with all those microphones in their hands. Ha ha. You would think in today's day and age, there would be a more flattering way to conduct interviews.

Thankfully the scandal news has blown over so Ji Ying focuses on the next big event of her life. Acting out a kissing scene with Mu Zi Che. She's so excited she got a special mouth spray to make her breath smell better.

Coyly, she tells Mu Zi Che that she doesn't normally do kissing scenes.

Agreeing, he says he feels the same and offers to tell the director to cut out the kissing part. Ha.

Ji Ying quickly pulls him back. The script was written perfectly and the kiss scene is the crux of their story. They can't cut it out. Haha good save. 

But when it comes to the important moment. Mu Zi Che cant do it. He always stops right before they actually kiss.

Seeing him scramble, Jing Feng pulls him away and works some voodoo on him to overcome his mental barrier.

 It works like magic as they complete the scene. It's so emotional and gut wrenching, it becomes the iconic scene of the whole drama.

 Large screen ads that once had Xie Yi's face on it now only air Mu Zi Che's kiss scene.

He's so popular, he gets stopped on simple shopping trips with his mom. Growing up in an orphanage, Du Fei never had a mom so now as Mu Zi Che, he takes every opportunity to take her on shopping trips and eat dinner with her. Aww.

But it's on this shopping trip that his mom notices something. Because of an old injury, the dead Mu Zi Che broke his hand and wrist so he can't do heavy chores with that hand.

But this new Mu Zi Che easily lifted all the shopping bags with one hand. hmm. Mom's getting suspicious. 

No forgetting Jing Feng, Mu Zi Che buys him cologne to thank him for everything he's done. Everything has gone as Jing Feng planned. Jing Feng specifically cast him as the second male lead. The first male lead always gets the female leads love but its the second lead that gets the audiences love. Never thought about it like that but it's sorta true.

Mu Zi Che gets so famous he gets more popularity than the main male lead. And when asked about probabilities with Ji Ying, it's zero. ha.

Unhappily, Ji Ying stalks Mu Zi Che out. Does he not like her that much? Why did he draw a line between him and her.

Mu Zi Che kindly deflects. He doesn't want to pull her into his messy life.

Who cares? She wants him to.

Jing Feng gets drunk at their company party. Mu Zi Che tells him to take care of himself but Jing Feng says it's ok, he knows someone will take care of him anyway if he gets drunk. *wink wink*

Trying to clear her suspicions, Mom tells Zi Che to open a can. He opens it for her but she's horrified.

Uh oh Mum knows her son's been swapped out.

Had to put my second favorite scene of the episode in here somewhere.

Ji Ying picks up a stray duckling and easily attaches herself and Mu Zi Che in saying they are the duck's Ji mom and Mu dad.

Mu Zi Che tells her not to attach him to her and the duck so easily. She can be the duck's mom but he won't be the dad with her.

Ji Ying gets into a whole speech about how the duck needs to have a whole family. Think about how all the other ducks will look at it when they find out the duck had to grow up in a single parent family. It's not healthy.

Haha just look at Mu Che's face. She even makes them take a family picture, duck and all.

I absolutely adore Jing Feng and Ji Ying. Their characters are so different but so likeable all the same.

Jing Feng plays a tough love, closed figure. He keeps everything to himself but shows his love and concern through his actions and results. He did so much background research on Mu Zi Che that he has a bulletin board with his information in front of his bed. It's borderline stalker/creepish but considering all the other characters in this story *cough* Ji Ying and mysterious benefactor, he's not the most extreme.

Ji Ying is the exact opposite. She's an explosive chatter box who will say exactly what's on her mind. Hence the weibo problems haha. But she also has a clear sense of who she loves and will do anything to be with the one she loves.

Ah. Can't wait for episode 6, the story line is really picking up.

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