Wednesday, March 30, 2016

重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016

Episodes: 16

Airs: One episode every Thursday

Genre: Revenge, Mystery, Romance


Du Fei (Ma Ke) was a rising star who had it all until his jealous best friend stages a car accident that scars his face and body. A mysterious figure saves him and gives him an entire new face. But by the time Du Fei gets better, the whole world thinks he's dead and his "best friend" wins the best actor of the year award that was originally meant for him.

Bitter and wronged. Du Fei comes back as a different person looking to remake his career and find revenge on those who betrayed him.

Where to watch: Youtube

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 & 4
Episode 5

Kiwi Comments:

Absolutely love the cast selection. Ma Ke played Sha Qian Mo (the evil demon who only had a heart for his little pudding Hau QianGu) in the Journey of Flower. One of the main female leads is Han Chae Young AKA the Korean Barbie who lead in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, one of my top ten k-dramas growing up, if you haven't seen it, it's a classic.

Is it recap worthy? Not sure yet but it's guaranteed to be a messy love octopus. Du Fei and Lin Xuan (a successful actress) have a mutual love relationship before his death. But now that he's supposedly dead, he's got Yi Jing (another actress who loved the old Mu Zi Che) and there Director Feng who helps him a lot. I can't tell which team I'm on yet.

Lin Xuan is nice (and she's Han Chae Young! automatically makes her character awesome) but Yi Jing is so loveable, she just does whatever she wants especially on Weibo (asian twitter). Love watching her assistant's face turn blue everytime he finds out she posted on Weibo no matter how many times he's begged her not to or at least let him filter it first. haha.

Director Feng... know it's not going to happen but a girl can imagine. And he's actually really funny under that whole business only facade. I was rolling in ep 5 when he was like, "I was fired, are you (Mu Zi Che) going to take care of me? I'm super expensive to take care, even my toothbrush is imported specifically from Japan." Haha.

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