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重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016 Recap Ep 2

Anger broiling, Mu Zi Che stakes out to kill Xie Yi. He steps on the accelerator and almost runs Xie Yi over when his sweetheart, Lin Xuan walks out on the street. 

Mu Zi Che quickly swerves away and avoids notice. 

Xie Yi obviously holds a bright and flaming torch for Lin Xuan. The faker sets up a charity foundation "in the name of Du Fei" primarily to partner with Lin Xuan. 


Luckily, Lin Xuan is a smart apple. If it weren't for the charity foundation, she would never have agreed to see him. In her eyes, he's just Du Fei's shadow. Now that he's dead, they have no connection and no need to see each other. So no, she won't let him drive her home. Ha. 

Cue Megan Trainer's "No" song.

My Name is No.

My Time is No.

My Number is No.

You need to let it go. 

Worried about her, Mu Zi Che stalks her home and to the pharmacy. Seeing her have trouble, he saves the last box of antacids for her. Knowing only a specific brand works for her.   

Nope, he doesn't reek of crazy fan at all. 

Already seeing her suspicious face forming Mu Zi Che breaks into his "what a coincidence" back up story. Coincidentally I live around here. Coincidentally I get heart burn a lot. Coincidentally, I know this brand works very well. Coincidentally I saw you looking for heart burn meds so here's the last box. I don't need it anymore. Yes the heart burn miraculously disappeared while we were talking.  

But hey it works. Lin Xuan believes him and takes his offer. For someone who has her fangs constantly up with Xie Yi, it's hard to imagine her easily believing Mu Zi Che so easily. 

He asks Lin Xuan in a round about way- what if your best friend betrayed you deeply and you didn't die, what would you do?

Lin Xuan tells him to just live a happy life. That's the best revenge. 

You can see Mu Zi Che's revenge resolve start to waver. 

But all hopes are dashed as his mysterious benefactor makes a surprise visit (our resident stalker has his own stalker) and leaves with a one sided"Du Fei is dead so don't think about trying go back to your old life or else" chat. 

Director Feng offers Mu Zi Che the trainee position that he was originally rejected from... as long as he promises him three things.

Quickly, Mu Zi Che agrees without even hearing the demands.

Does anyone else see Director Feng slowly touch his lips seductively every time he sees Mu Zi Che do something he approves of?

As training begins Director Feng explains that there's only going to be one trainee who graduates. The best and most able of them.

 He starts them on aggressive training. Those who fail are automatically sent home.

Thanks for the swimming training. Nom Nom.

Mu Zi Che excels at everything but it also creates a jealous rift between him and his fellow trainees who beat him up.

Director Feng catches them in the act but let's them go when Zi Che pleads for them, saying they are young and hot blooded. Oh Paleezzz who pleads for the people who just beat you to a pulp. 

But it ends up resolving the problem as the trainees warm up to him after hearing that his pleading saved them from being outed.

They still have to be punished for their fight tho so Director Feng sends them all  (Mu Zi Che included) to act in a costume drama... as dead bodies. Pfft.

Coincidentally it's a drama Ji Ying was starring in. Arriving in fashion, (and an entourage of assistants serving her hand and foot) she's a big deal in the drama.

I love how they have the guy on the right holding a plate with a pomelo on it. It's so random. Like oh, just in case you decide you want to eat a pomelo out of no where in your ancient drama garb. 

She's shocked to find Mu Zi Che playing a dead body on the set ( yea, supposed to be an engineer who turned into an aspiring race car driver in South Korea) but realizing she has the upper hand now, she takes total advantage of the situation by asking the director to reshoot scene after scene saying she didn't think it was her best just so she could smack and kick Mu Zi Che around. haha. She's my fav.

The day of reckoning has come. Six guys are left and only one of them are chosen. Dun Dun Dunnn.

Everyone expects Mu Zi Che to be selected as he's been number one in everything.

But the winner turns out the be the other guy. This guy down here, can't remember his name but he was the one who led the other guys to beat Mu Zi Che up.

Look at his face, even he's crazy surprised.

Failing, yet again, Mu Zi Che backs up his belongings and sets off to go home when Yi Jing pops up. She shamelessly tells him she's been stalking him since that day they were on set together. Ha Ha.

He tries to shake her off but she just follows him in her luxury van all the way home and greets his mom arm in arm when she opens the door.

Mu Zi Che looks ecstatic. pfft.

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