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重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016 Recap Ep 2

Anger broiling, Mu Zi Che stakes out to kill Xie Yi. He steps on the accelerator and almost runs Xie Yi over when his sweetheart, Lin Xuan walks out on the street. 

Mu Zi Che quickly swerves away and avoids notice. 

Xie Yi obviously holds a bright and flaming torch for Lin Xuan. The faker sets up a charity foundation "in the name of Du Fei" primarily to partner with Lin Xuan. 


Luckily, Lin Xuan is a smart apple. If it weren't for the charity foundation, she would never have agreed to see him. In her eyes, he's just Du Fei's shadow. Now that he's dead, they have no connection and no need to see each other. So no, she won't let him drive her home. Ha. 

Cue Megan Trainer's "No" song.

My Name is No.

My Time is No.

My Number is No.

You need to let it go. 

Worried about her, Mu Zi Che stalks her home and to the pharmacy. Seeing her have trouble, he saves the last box of antacids for her. Knowing only a specific brand works for her.   

Nope, he doesn't reek of crazy fan at all. 

Already seeing her suspicious face forming Mu Zi Che breaks into his "what a coincidence" back up story. Coincidentally I live around here. Coincidentally I get heart burn a lot. Coincidentally, I know this brand works very well. Coincidentally I saw you looking for heart burn meds so here's the last box. I don't need it anymore. Yes the heart burn miraculously disappeared while we were talking.  

But hey it works. Lin Xuan believes him and takes his offer. For someone who has her fangs constantly up with Xie Yi, it's hard to imagine her easily believing Mu Zi Che so easily. 

He asks Lin Xuan in a round about way- what if your best friend betrayed you deeply and you didn't die, what would you do?

Lin Xuan tells him to just live a happy life. That's the best revenge. 

You can see Mu Zi Che's revenge resolve start to waver. 

But all hopes are dashed as his mysterious benefactor makes a surprise visit (our resident stalker has his own stalker) and leaves with a one sided"Du Fei is dead so don't think about trying go back to your old life or else" chat. 

Director Feng offers Mu Zi Che the trainee position that he was originally rejected from... as long as he promises him three things.

Quickly, Mu Zi Che agrees without even hearing the demands.

Does anyone else see Director Feng slowly touch his lips seductively every time he sees Mu Zi Che do something he approves of?

As training begins Director Feng explains that there's only going to be one trainee who graduates. The best and most able of them.

 He starts them on aggressive training. Those who fail are automatically sent home.

Thanks for the swimming training. Nom Nom.

Mu Zi Che excels at everything but it also creates a jealous rift between him and his fellow trainees who beat him up.

Director Feng catches them in the act but let's them go when Zi Che pleads for them, saying they are young and hot blooded. Oh Paleezzz who pleads for the people who just beat you to a pulp. 

But it ends up resolving the problem as the trainees warm up to him after hearing that his pleading saved them from being outed.

They still have to be punished for their fight tho so Director Feng sends them all  (Mu Zi Che included) to act in a costume drama... as dead bodies. Pfft.

Coincidentally it's a drama Ji Ying was starring in. Arriving in fashion, (and an entourage of assistants serving her hand and foot) she's a big deal in the drama.

I love how they have the guy on the right holding a plate with a pomelo on it. It's so random. Like oh, just in case you decide you want to eat a pomelo out of no where in your ancient drama garb. 

She's shocked to find Mu Zi Che playing a dead body on the set ( yea, supposed to be an engineer who turned into an aspiring race car driver in South Korea) but realizing she has the upper hand now, she takes total advantage of the situation by asking the director to reshoot scene after scene saying she didn't think it was her best just so she could smack and kick Mu Zi Che around. haha. She's my fav.

The day of reckoning has come. Six guys are left and only one of them are chosen. Dun Dun Dunnn.

Everyone expects Mu Zi Che to be selected as he's been number one in everything.

But the winner turns out the be the other guy. This guy down here, can't remember his name but he was the one who led the other guys to beat Mu Zi Che up.

Look at his face, even he's crazy surprised.

Failing, yet again, Mu Zi Che backs up his belongings and sets off to go home when Yi Jing pops up. She shamelessly tells him she's been stalking him since that day they were on set together. Ha Ha.

He tries to shake her off but she just follows him in her luxury van all the way home and greets his mom arm in arm when she opens the door.

Mu Zi Che looks ecstatic. pfft.

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重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016 Recap Ep 1

Cue our main character, Du Fei, a blooming actor on his way to win best actor of the year. 

As he's driving, the car in front of him gets into a car accident but when Du Fei tries to break, he finds they've been tampered with and ends up crashing in as well. 

He flies head on through his windshield. His final memory is of his best friend. Xie Yi, insisting him to use his car for this drive. Obviously a set up, poor guy died because his best friend killed him :[  

Fortunately he doesn't die but he is immobilized and his face is forever scarred.

On his hospital bed, he watches as his "best friend", Xie Yi, accept the best actor of the year award meant for him. Adding insult to injury, Xie Yi emphatically recite his acceptance speech on live tv.

 Xie Yi goes forward to hug Lin Xuan, Du Fei's girlfriend, and she whispers coldly to him "without him, you are nothing." She doesn't know about the sabotage but she sure as heck knows what kind of trash Xie Yi is and props for doing it on live tv. 

In recovery, Du Fei has a mysterious benefactor who knows of Xie Yi's treachery. Apart from saving him, he also gives Du Fei a flawless face that's completely different from his original face.

Du Fei vehemently rejects his new image and cries that this isn't him. He just wants his old life back.  

Du Fei gets better in time to see his own funeral. Xie Yi is there obviously keeping up his image. He superstitiously says he feels like Du Fei is watching him. He is! You won't get away with this! 

But Lin Xuan is also there. She angrily asks why it's Du Fei buried down there and not him. Xie Yi took Du Fei to Korea for a year and brings him back in a can of ashes. 

Xie Yi jealously asks how can she treat him like that. He's her friend too.

With a note of finality, Lin Xuan responds, they were friends once upon a time, but now they aren't. You go girl!

Unable to keep away, Du Fei follows Lin Xuan but gets caught by her. He pretends to be a loyal fan of hers and seeing his face is totally different, she lets it go.

That night, he secretly leaves a bottle of candy to her door. It's their secret practice. He used to give her a bottle every time she felt down. But Lin Xuan just cries upon seeing it. No amount of candy is going to make her feel better.

Hmm, if it's a thing just the two of them do, shouldn't she be wondering who left the sweets for her?

Du Fei has a new identity now. He is Mu Zi Che, the guy in the car accident before him. His family is rich and well off but the old Mu Zi Che has been out of contact with his family so he's able to insert himself into their lives fairly easily.

Insert shower scene where he contemplates how he should take revenge. Nom Nom.

Ji Ying has the most character compared to everyone else.  She's also an actress but with human emotions and actual needs such as eating and weibo (the asian twitter) problems. 

Her assistant scolds her for eating a piece of cake saying she will gain 3 pounds. with such little self control. how can she be called a human. Ji Ying quickly quips back, how can she be considered human if she can't even eat a measly piece of cake. Hear hear! Thank goodness there's someone normal in this drama.

In the middle of the argument, she sees Mu Zi Che and chases after him but he's already gone. 

Revenge first step: Send the unknowing Xie Yi a picture of his old self to freak the sh*t out of him.

Needless to say it was a huge success.

Ji Ying, as it turns out, is in love with the old Mu Zi Che but he never returned her feelings. Her manager jokingly comments that he can't figure out if Mu Zi Che left the country to run away from her or his mother. 

Not funny.

Her manager, bitter jokes aside, is deeply in love with Yi Jing but she refuses him and keeps their relationship strictly business. There's an upcoming drama that she was cast into along with Xie Yi.

Feng Jing is a curt and all business no play director in charge of said drama. His assistants have selected the top 100 candidates to audition for spots in his play. His secretary drops some candidates profiles as she's handing them to him. When she goes to pick them up but he stops her saying those who make it depend on a little bit of luck too, he doesn't need those who have fallen before they've even gotten on stage. Dang talk about hard core. 

During auditions, there's no frills or lace, Director Feng cuts into all his candidates. From, you need to find a better plastic surgeon to redo your nose job to we need a young fun celebrity, not someone whose going to make the audience cry. Ha. He's already my favorite character.

When it's Mu Zi Che's turn, his audition wows all the judges, especially Director Feng who personally gives him his pass. Xie Yi who is also on the panel, turns pale as Du Fei once acted out the same scene when they were younger.

Totally freaked out, Xie Yi tells his manager he never wants to work with that person.

On his way out, Director Feng mysteriously stops Mu Zi Che and comments that his plastic surgery was done very well and at least his acting skills are on par before leaving.

The training company calls Mu Zi Che and regretfully tells him his was not offered a position. Obviously that "I never want to work with him" comment worked and they aren't going to take him. 

Angrily, Mu Zi Che sees Xie Yi on the street and floors his gas pedal. Dun Dun Dunnn.

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Like Love 1 你是男的我也爱 1 (2014)- Recap Part 1

This is Mai Ding; a go lucky and simple college student. On his first day of college, he gets bribed with lottery tickets (one of his many weaknesses). His mission- to ask their mysterious dorm neighbor, An Zi Yan, " Do you like guys or girls?"

An Zi Yan just stares at him. Ha.

Mai Ding quickly explains that he's not interested but Zi Yan is super popular and there's a bunch of girls who want to know. They even bribed him to ask the question. So it's really the girls who want to know, not him.

Realizing this annoying guy isn't going to leave without an answer, Zi Yan answers "Guy or Girl, I will eat them up all the same." Nom Nom. 

Talk about memorable first meetings.

From that moment on, Mai Ding would find any opportunity to close to An Zi Yan. Not because he liked him but because An Zi Yan was a wrinkle in his extremely normal life. When he's old and bald, he can tell his grandkids he knew An Zi Yan, a bisexual. At least that's what he keeps telling himself.

As luck would have it, they share boot camp training together so Mai Ding happily badgers An Zi Yan to eat lunch with him everyday. An Zhi Yan doesn't like or dislike it so he just lets Mai Ding do whatever he wants.

During one of their military drills, it gets too hot and Mai Ding faints but An Zi Yan doesn't do anything to help. Mai Ding confront's him about it "I thought we were friends!" But An Zi Yan responds with a short "they aren't friends". Ohhh maybe An Zi Yan meant they are more than friends wink wink*  

One day, Li Ming, Mai Ding's roommate gives him a pair of movie tickets and who else is better to go watch it with than An Zi Yan. At first An Zi Yan straight up says no but Mai Ding persistently knocks on his door until Zi Yan gives him the ultimatum. He'll go with him but after this one time, Mai Ding can't bother him ever again.

Without thinking, Mai Ding easily takes the deal. But it's not a good date. An Zi Yan had no interest in the movie and gave Mai Ding the death glare every time he ate his popcorn too loudly. lol.

At the end of the movie, Mai Ding is undeterred and happily chatters away asking An Zi Yan what kind of guy he likes. 

An Zi Yan responds he doesn't like men and Mai Ding shouldn't believe everything he hears. 

Shocked that he was lied to (and heartbroken that An Zi Yan won't possibly like him), Mai Ding is speechless for once.  

The next day, Mai Ding comes upon a girl crying in class and tries to comfort her saying she will find a better boyfriend later on. Taking it the wrong way, the girl loudly tells him it's none of his business and even if she did break up with her boyfriend he would never have a chance. Sigh, only Mai Ding would try to do something good but have it spit back at him. 

Feeling down and embarrassed, Mai Ding sits by himself. He sees An Zi Yan but doesn't call him, remembering their promise. Instead An Zi Yan rounds back and comforts him in his stoic manner with a few well placed words about just be happy as yourself and don't care about others who put you down. Aww so he does care. 


The words work instantly and Mai Ding jumps back to normal (meaning he continually follows An Zi Yan around as his "friend") until An Zi Yan tells him he has a girlfriend. His face visibly turns pale and even though he tries to play it off saying it's normal for a "handsome guy like him to have a girlfriend", Mai Ding is clearly saddened by the news.

That night, he mourns in his room but he doesn't know why he's so sad until Li Ming gives him a questionnaire.

Do you always thinking about this person? Check

Do you laugh to yourself out of nowhere when your're thinking of him/her? Check

Do you hope he notices you? Check

Do you find yourself always wanting to be near this person? Check

Well then congrats. You're in love.

Coming to truth with his feelings but also knowing that An Zi Yan will never feel the same way he cries in front of An Zi Yan's door the whole night.

But the next day, Mai Ding is so embarrassed that he tries to hide every time he sees An Zi Yan. They play a very short cat and mouse game but An Zi Yan manages to catch him easily and asks why he's acting so strangely. Realizing An Zi Yan didn't hear his confession last night, Mai Ding automatically goes back to friend mode and changes the subject. He even offers to treat him to lunch for once.

But deep down, Mai Ding is heart broken. He gets drunk at Li Ming's party and sulks the whole time even though it's supposed to be a happy birthday party. Girls hit on him but he just responds "It's no use I'm curved now (not straight)." Haha.

Unable to take him anymore, Li Ming calls An Zi Yan to pick up the drunken mess he made.

Realizing he took it a little too far, An Zi Yan takes Mai Ding back to his personal apartment to stay the night but Mai Ding says he'll stay at a motel instead, He knows they are "friends" but he doesn't want to stay at his place.

Tired of hearing the friend word again, An Zi Yan pulls Mai Ding in for a kiss and tells him to give him his virginity.


More to come my peeps. The movie is a little long so I separated the recaps into four parts each. Stay tuned every Wednesday!

重生之名流巨星 Revive 2016

Episodes: 16

Airs: One episode every Thursday

Genre: Revenge, Mystery, Romance


Du Fei (Ma Ke) was a rising star who had it all until his jealous best friend stages a car accident that scars his face and body. A mysterious figure saves him and gives him an entire new face. But by the time Du Fei gets better, the whole world thinks he's dead and his "best friend" wins the best actor of the year award that was originally meant for him.

Bitter and wronged. Du Fei comes back as a different person looking to remake his career and find revenge on those who betrayed him.

Where to watch: Youtube

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 & 4
Episode 5

Kiwi Comments:

Absolutely love the cast selection. Ma Ke played Sha Qian Mo (the evil demon who only had a heart for his little pudding Hau QianGu) in the Journey of Flower. One of the main female leads is Han Chae Young AKA the Korean Barbie who lead in Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang, one of my top ten k-dramas growing up, if you haven't seen it, it's a classic.

Is it recap worthy? Not sure yet but it's guaranteed to be a messy love octopus. Du Fei and Lin Xuan (a successful actress) have a mutual love relationship before his death. But now that he's supposedly dead, he's got Yi Jing (another actress who loved the old Mu Zi Che) and there Director Feng who helps him a lot. I can't tell which team I'm on yet.

Lin Xuan is nice (and she's Han Chae Young! automatically makes her character awesome) but Yi Jing is so loveable, she just does whatever she wants especially on Weibo (asian twitter). Love watching her assistant's face turn blue everytime he finds out she posted on Weibo no matter how many times he's begged her not to or at least let him filter it first. haha.

Director Feng... know it's not going to happen but a girl can imagine. And he's actually really funny under that whole business only facade. I was rolling in ep 5 when he was like, "I was fired, are you (Mu Zi Che) going to take care of me? I'm super expensive to take care, even my toothbrush is imported specifically from Japan." Haha.

Addicted (Heroin) 上癮 2015

1) Addicted (Heroin) 上癮 (2015)

Episodes: 15

Kiwi Rating: 9


Based off of a novel, this is a multi-seasoned web series surrounding two high school students who fell in love but turn out to be step brothers. They become separated but eventually meet up again later on in life as adults.

Gu Hai is a "fu er dai" (second generation rich kid) who defiantly moves away from home when his father decides to remarry. Coming from a rich military family, he easily uses his family's connections to enroll into a high school but chooses to keep his family status a secret.

He becomes interested in a poor but very smart Bai LouYin but his advances give off the wrong message and Bai Luo Yin thinks he's trying to prank him all the time so he considers him a nuisance.

Will Luo Yin ever accept Gu Hai?  And on top of that, Bai Luo Yin's mom is marrying Gu Hai's dad making them step brothers!

Where to watch: Youtube

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Chinese Boy Love Dramas

1) Addicted (Heroin) 上癮 (2015)

Episodes: 15


Based off of a novel, this is a multi-seasoned web series surrounding two high school students who fell in love but turn out to be step brothers. They become separated but eventually meet up again later on in life as adults.

Gu Hai is a "fu er dai" (second generation rich kid) who defiantly moves away from home when his father decides to remarry. Coming from a rich military family, he easily uses his family's connections to enroll into a high school but chooses to keep his family status a secret.

He becomes interested in a poor but very smart Bai LouYin but his advances give off the wrong message and Bai Luo Yin thinks he's trying to prank him all the time so he considers him a nuisance.

Will Luo Yin ever accept Gu Hai?  And on top of that, Bai Luo Yin's mom is marrying Gu Hai's dad making them step brothers!

Where to watch: Youtube

2) Like Love 你是男的我也爱 (2014 & 2015)

Movies: 2, a third one is slotted to be released September 2016


Mai Ding is a straightforward and chirpy person who buys lottery tickets everyday with the dream of easily becoming super rich one day. He comes to like his college classmate, An Zi Yan, who is incredibly handsome and popular. Not caring about stigma or his own normality, he simplemindedly chases after Zi Yan who eventually falls in love with him and his persistence.

Unfortunately, it's just the beginning of their troubles as they get pressure from both their families to break up and girls try to sabotage them since Mai Ding stole their hot Zi Yan.

Where to watch: Youtube

3) Counter Attack 逆袭 (2015)

Episodes: 8 + 1 special episode (highly recommend watching the special, best episode of all)


After being dumped by his long time girlfriend- she left him for a more handsome and smarter man- Wu Suo Wei (whose name sounds like "doesn't matter" in Chinese) decides to strike back. He digs up the background of this man she left him for only to find out it's the cop who arrested him multiple times, comes from a rich family and has been named the number one eligible bachelor in their city. Talk about competition. What's a man to do when he can't win? Do the next best thing- seduce the man, Chi Cheng, and steal him away from her.

Where to watch: Youtube

4) Happy Together 同樂會 (2016)

Episodes: 15


This drama entails 3 couples and their lives together. Alex and Benny are the two I will focus on (they are on the far right). Alex runs a bakery and is a pastry chef. They first met when Benny tried one of his macaroons and loved it. They've been together for 6 years strong already but problems start to arise when Alex wants to start a family but Benny feels that everything is going so well so far, why change it?

Where to watch: You Tube

I'm still alive guys! Just been away for a while and came back to find all these lovely dramas waiting for me :] Addicted was so good. It was my gateway drug (pun intended) to all these other dramas. Addicted is my favorite still so far. Definitely going to recap that some time along with Like Love. Heard there's been red flags with the government but hope there's more to come. Fingers crossed!