Monday, February 1, 2016

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 17 preview

**Update: Episode 17 will air on 2/14, no episode will be airing today- 2/7 probably because of the Lunar New Year**

With only days left till Ya Nuo's 26th birthday, everyone is ramping up the "don't be mad at Ya Nuo for lying to you all this time" tactics. 

Our latest one comes from Ya Nuo herself.

Zi Feng asks what she would like for her birthday, probably thinking she wants good food or a day in the amusement park.

Instead she pulls out a contract. Pfft. 

Zi Feng, not expecting that, lets out a big "Ha?"

In the contract, Ya Nuo adorably makes Zi Feng promise not to get mad at anything she did or said prior to her 26th birthday.

Reassuring her and not worried at all, Zi Feng easily signs it saying no matter what happens, he will still love her all the same. Aww. 

They (as in the directors) maybe setting this up too much. Between Zhe Rui's warning earlier while they were barbecuing  and Ya Nuo's constant insecurity (she's asked Zi Feng not to be mad at her at least 3 times now), a normal person would have felt something was up a looong time ago. 

Well, if Ya Nuo doesn't work out, there's always Zhe Rui. <3

It's too cute how they squabble over Ya Nuo but when alone, they are such bros. Now that's the true meaning of bromance :]  


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  2. Excuse me, but no one else thinks that Zi Feng always knew she was a girl? He just chose to keep silent until her B-day!! There are so many clues in all the episodes!!! I'mbetting on that theory. Let's just wait for ep 18, everything will be revealed then ;)

    1. You are so rite!! It didn't even cross my mind till you brought it up and even then I was like nahh. But just watched the ending it was so sweet <3