Saturday, January 23, 2016

Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji 蘇染染追夫記 (2016)

Episodes: ??

Genre: Ancient, Wu Xia, Mystery  


Poisoned as a child, Su Ran Ran was sent up to the mountains to be taken in as a disciple by a lead martial artist. Although mystery surrounds her poisoning, Su Ran Ran still grows up to be a cheerful and good hearted martial artist although her doting nine brothers and equally loving mother and father make her quite mischievous.

Getting betrothed (against her will), her brothers take her down from the mountain and returned her home which starts a chain of events that bring up the truth about her poisoning and lost memory of the one she loves.

An alternative name for this drama is The Husband Hunting Record of Su Ran Ran (The name of the main female character).

Based off a novel, this is a web drama by lettv that's replacing Go Princess Go.

Kiwi Thoughts:
Interesting drama with a mystical wu xia twist. Looks like it will be complicated. There's nine brothers in this series and they already spent 5 minutes in the first episode just introducing them. Not a Go Princess Go level drama but worth watching. 


  1. Are you steadily following this drama DramaKiwi? I think there are rarely things on this world that is quite a Go Princess Go level, but still will keep the heart open. This drama I hear leans more on the melodramatic side; I am waiting for more episodes before marathoning it.

    1. That's true it will be hard to match up to go princess go 😭 I'm watching it passively but it's not really sticking with me I might just skip to the end when it comes out

  2. I started to watch it too early now i'm like a druggie waiting for the next episode.