Monday, January 4, 2016

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Recap Ep 11 preview

In an extremely foreboding note, Huang Zhen ends this episode foreseeing that the new girl is going to create problems for her and Hao Meng. 

No help from Sheng Nan, she's totally pushing her brother towards the new girl.

She sounds like a "Lu Cha Biao", the green tea babe type girl that Peng Peng from Go Princess Go classified. Looks and sounds innocent but is actually very calculating overall.

She tells Huan Zhen, she used to like Hao Meng.. just a little, but that was when they were still in school.

Then when they were eating dinner together with Hao Meng, she purposely surprises Huan Zhen with something only she and Hao Meng knew before triumphantly whispering the Huan Zhen, "You didn't know?"

No longer able to take it, Huan Zheng leaves. Hao Meng follows and wipes her tears but she swats his hand away and backs away.

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