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Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 35

Happily, Qi Sheng visits Peng Peng. Now that his love rival is gone, he can have Peng Peng all to himself right?


As queen, Peng Peng can only give him half her heart. 

Qi Sheng doesn't understand. He only wants a wife who loves him through and through. Not a queen.

In the past, she wasn't able to think straight because she loved him too much. Look at the Bei Mo situation for example. She blindly ran to him to give him the antidote without care if he wanted to harm her. He is a king and she is a queen they don't have the liberty to lose their heads. It's not just the two of them.

The next day, Qi Sheng, disbands his harem. With that, Peng Peng will not have to be queen... of the harem.

 Peng Peng rushes to Qi Sheng. He misunderstood her yesterday. The problem was not the harem. She meant that they cannot be fully in love because they can not stand as equals. In the past, she was always calculating what he was going to do to her and he was always assessing her action and using his power to leverage her.  She will never 100% love him....unless he steps down from the throne. 

Years pass and Hao Er' is right on track.... to be the perfect playboy. He plays a game with the other little maids but when one of them is bullied, he rescues them and sweetly massages her twisted ankle. All the while inviting her to bring her sisters along to play next time. Pfft. Guess the playboy genes run strong.

Peng Peng chides her son with her "I know what you are up to, I've done it a billion times and trust me it doesn't end well" talk. She tries to get him to focus on his studies only to find he's completed it already.

His homework was to correct Peng Peng's calligraphy. lol. After all these years, Peng Peng has improved to writing more than her name but her genius son is already correcting it. Playboy genius with his mom and dad's good looks, this kid's going to be one hell of a storm (that leaves fainting fangirls in his path)in a few years.  

Half way through the night, a masked figure kidnaps Peng Peng.

Thinking it;s Yang Yan, Peng Peng quickly calls out to him... only to find it's Qi Sheng.

Suspicious, Qi Sheng asks if Yang Yan always did this. 

Peng Peng saves herself saying only Yang Yan would do something childish like this. 

Only to get in more trouble for calling the act childish lol, 

Thinking quickly, she answers if Yang Yan did it, it would bit childish but since it's Qi Sheng, it's romantic. Ha. 

Qi Sheng never forgot her words years ago. Growing up, he always thought that becoming a good king and taking care of your subjects was his life goal. But since he met Peng Peng, his life goals changed. 

In the last few years, he's been nurturing Hao Er' to take over and setting up this place now all that's left is if Peng Peng wants to live here with him. 

Happily, Peng Peng answers "I DO!!"

Living a utopic lifestyle, they frolic and dance with no care in the world.

Peng Peng tries to teach Qi Sheng the alphabet which fails spectacularly. Qi Sheng always gets hit with a branch when he fails the recognize the letter. Surprisingly, for a smart king, he gets hit an awful lot. English definitely isn't his forte.

When they get bored, they travel to Korea so Peng Peng can live her Korean dream.

They have time to have another kid. A girl this time called "Qi Pa"

And at night they gaze at the stars. The day before Peng Peng's birthday, Qi Sheng, tired after a day of dancing, goes to sleep early saying he's looking forward to an easy day of sleeping tomorrow.

Wait, Wah? He better not have forgotten the important day tomorrow.

The next morning, Peng Peng wakes up alone in a grumpy mood. He must have forgotten her birthday.

Luckily he doesn't. Peng Peng walks out to see a heart of flowers waiting in the garden for her.


From here on out, there's two (potentially three) different endings.

Ending 1:

Happily, Peng Peng revels in her heart of flowers while Qi Sheng looks on. 

Halfway through, Peng Peng's face changes from pure joy to utter disbelief and pain.

She's been stabbed by a gigantic sword. Mortally wounded, she turns around to look at Qi Sheng who's already running over to her.

On her last breath, she tells Qi Sheng to "live on." The same words Qi Sheng said as he left for battle at Bei Mo.

The love of his life dead, Qi Sheng doesn't even notice as assassins surround him. It doesn't matter to him anymore. When he does notice, he angrily takes them on. The assassins stab him over and over again, but his mind numb and in shock over his lover's death, he doesn't even feel the pain and keeps going at them but there's too many of them.

Finally succumbing from his wounds and blood loss, Qi Sheng falls next to Peng Peng and holds her hand. Together they lie in their heart of flowers, their hearts always connected.

Thousands of years later, a heart starts to pulse differently as Zhang Peng wakes up alone from his coma.

Wait... was this all a dream?

Zhang Peng goes back to the same pool he fell into all those moons ago and jumps in it, in hopes of traveling back again.

Instead he relives his moments as Zhang Peng Peng with Qi Sheng.

They will live forever... in his memories.

Ending 2:

In our second ending, Peng Peng happily frolics atop her heart of flowers and gradually fades off. 

He wakes up in Zhang Peng's body again and this time, gets up off the bed immediately and wander the hall calling for Qi Sheng.

Just as he's about to give up he see a familiar person facing away from him.

He calls Qi Sheng's name and the figure turns around.

He walks closer as they become face to face.

Even though this stranger has a mask on, those eyes are unmistakable.

It's Qi Sheng in modern times.

Soooo I heard on the grape vine, there's a second season and third ending to this series planned out. 

If anyone is suffering from time travel withdrawal (like me) after watching such an awesome drama here's a list of other time travel dramas you guys might be interested in: 

Conclusion and Thoughts:

I can't believe they died in the end. This is supposed to be a comedy. No one dies in a comedy! Especially the main characters.  There must be a rule about that somewhere. Having all those happy scenes beforehand, dangling that in our face and leading us on. That was just to cruel, my dear directors. You could have just left it at Peng Peng frolicking in those field of flowers and fade away. Simple as that. 

Who thought of assassins? (I would like to have a talk with that person) Where did they come from? More importantly, who sent them? Jiu Wang? He looked pretty dead beat when he left for Siberia. The Bei Mo leader? He's not bright enough. There's no one. No one left to kill them off. You can't just conjure up make believe assassins and pass it off. It doesn't make sense :[   

Was this whole drama just a dream that Zhang Peng imagined when he was in a coma?

The second ending was so much better but the transition from happily dancing in a field to waking up from a coma is hard to explain and work out. Did she live a happy and long life but we just never saw it? Did he just wake up from a happy dream? 

Although I'm looking forward to a second season, I'm not going to put high hopes into it. If they start from the first ending, there's nothing to go on, They died in the ancient times so there's no going back  
I can't wait for a second season if the rumor is true. But I'm not going to put high hopes into it. Having a full on guy with guy production maybe too much for current times. I noticed even throughout this drama, they were hesitant to have too many Qi Sheng to Zhang Peng moments. For example, in the first ending, when Zhang Peng is reflecting, we see Qi Sheng sit across from Peng Peng then Zhang Peng sit across from Peng Peng. Shouldn't the scene be Qi Sheng sitting across from Zhang Peng?  

Also, I read that in the book, the real Zhang Peng Peng and Zhang Peng's soul swapped. He didn't fall into a coma. The real Zhang Peng Peng uses Zhang Peng's body to live in modern times and her preference for men does not change so she hooks up with guys using his body. Why did they cut that entire section out of the drama?  

If it's happening though, please do! I can just imagine it. Zhang Peng is going to remember everything but Qi Sheng is going to be like "Who the hell are you?" Now it's Zhang Peng's turn to chase Qi Sheng around. 

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  1. Thank you Dramakiwi so much for all your recaps. They have ineffably helped me from veering into insalubrious insanity caused my fervent obsession with this drama.

    1. Ha Ha I feel you. Glad it ended so I know what happened but at the same time sad that its over now what else is there to chase after??

  2. Am I the only one that wished QS turned into a woman in the future so he would know how it feels?

    1. Haha that's such a good idea I never thought of that but he never knew that Peng Peng was a man at heart he would be in for a huge shock

  3. There should be a rule against killing off the main leads, especially when they're hot as Qi Sheng!

    I'm going to wait until 14/02 and then re-watch all over again :)

    1. Sorry Dramakiwi - I got distracted looking at Qi Sheng and his bare chest. Forgot to thank you for amazing recaps. You've definitely helped fill in the gaps!! The experience is so much more enjoyable when it's not lost in translation or lacking :) Awesome work!!

    2. Haha I feel you. Those pecs and abs are to die for I will miss them until he films a new drama

  4. Your recaps are really helpful!Thank you! Speaking of endings, the drama will release another ending this Feb. 14! I hope it will not be an open ending and confusing...

    1. I heard about that too! Supposedly the directors pooled in their own resources to produce a third ending since there's such an uproar over these two endings. Cant wait!

    2. I heard about that too! Supposedly the directors pooled in their own resources to produce a third ending since there's such an uproar over these two endings. Cant wait!

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  6. Thank you for the explanation. Cleared up so much.