Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 33

Because of Jiu Wang's leaked info, the Bei Mo leader attacks Qi Sheng's literally empty fort. He must go to lead their army and provide moral support. Peng Peng tries to tag along but he orders her to stay back with his most trusted guard (Yang Yan's third brother). If anything happens. she must leave immediately.  

Knowing it will be a losing fight, Qi Sheng turns back last minute as he's leaving and mouths to Peng Peng "Live On." (He says Huo Xia Qu which for a clearer understanding- can be said when someone dies and the other partner is left behind. He's essentially saying live well after I die)

Realizing his meaning, Peng Peng tries to chase after him but his guard (who looks way too much like Yang Yan) stops her. The king ordered him to protect her so he will with his life... even if she kills him with her sword.

Seeing her bluff fall through, Peng Peng turns her sword on herself. Lu Li, not able to watch her master hurt herself, jumps onto the guard so she can take the opportunity to run away.

Peng Peng shows up at the front lines but Qi Sheng isn't too surprised. He comments that there isn't anything she can't do if she puts her mind to it. 

First up is Jiang Si. The Bei Mo leader puts her on a cross and tries to threaten him with her. Qi Sheng is stuck in a rut, He's definitely not giving up the fort for her but he can't let her die, even if he did, it would not look good on their country. 

No worries, Peng Peng easily turns the tables saying she's the empress, she doesn't know where they got that poor lady from but it's embarrassing for a country to use a little lady as leverage like that. 

Enraged, the Bei Mo leader shoots an arrow at Peng Peng. Qi Sheng saves her but gets hit in the back himself. 

Their leader injured, the soldiers start to waver. To save public moral, Peng Peng injures herself. Yang Yan's brother announces that their empress has been injured, they need to get revenge on those Bei Mo soldiers for her. 

The arrow that hit Qi Sheng barely miss his heart so they don't know if he will survive when they take the arrow out. Thinking he's on his death bed, Qi Sheng tries to explain that he doesn't feel anything for Jiang Si anymore. He just didn't want to see her die because he knew her. He also gives her instructions on what to do in order for Hao Er' to take the throne but Peng Peng refuses to hear it. He's going to be ok. 

They go ahead and take the arrow out. Worried to death, Peng Peng faints before the arrow is fully taken out. 

The next morning, Peng Peng wakes up to find Qi Sheng next to him. Zhao Wang arrived with the cavalry so they will be ok. He jokes that the whole fort heard her yelling that she loved him. Now everyone knows. Peng Peng laughs, that was her goal. 

That night, Peng Peng worries about Jiu Wang. She can't believe he would tell the enemy their position and leave them like that. Perhaps he was so angry at her taking Qi Sheng's side that he tried to take her down too.

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