Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 31

Taking advantage of the situation, Yang Yan "rescues" Peng Peng from the group. 

Angrily, Peng Peng berates him for "saving" her. Did it look like she was being dragged across the forest?

Finally understanding that she came willingly, Yang Yan asks if she fell in love with Qi Sheng then. 

Eyes widening, Peng Peng pauses for a minute before truthfully answering "I've never loved a man and don't know what it's like to love a man. I'm just here to assess the situation" Wow that was vague.

She hurriedly tries to get back to her group so they can quickly "assess" the situtation but gets lost. 

Meanwhile, words out, the empress was kidnapped. 

Worriedly, Qi Sheng immediately assembles his best men to go out and look for her. 

Still lost, Yang Yan and Peng Peng stop to rest when Yang Yan takes the opportunity to steal the medicine from Peng Peng. 

Peng Peng catches him but when confronted about really trying to save Qi Sheng she admits that she can't see him die. 

Angrily, Yang Yan takes the medicine and throws it into a dirty pond. 

Without even thinking, she jumps into the smelly dirty pool to frantically look for the antidote. When she finally found it, she held it even more preciously than her son. 

They come across Qi Sheng's search party. Yang Yan ditches her as Qi Sheng was leading the party. If he's alive and well, that means Jiu Wang is captured and in jail. He needs to go save him and truthfully even though Peng Peng is like a sister to him, between the two of them, he will always save Jiu Wang first.

At the same time, it also means the end for Peng Peng. They were all in the alliance. Whoever is caught is done for.

Left alone, Peng Peng walks slowly towards the search party. She touches Qi Sheng slowly like she can't believe he's real and hands him the medicine before  walking away. 

Before she gets too far away, she faints. 

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