Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 30

Seeing General Yang at the army base, Zhao Wang and Jiu Wang deduce that he's on Qi Sheng's side, hence Qi Sheng is aware of  their plan.

Jiu Wang tells Zhao Wang to kill Qi Sheng the next day then. Even though Qi Sheng already knows, he would guess that they will do it on the battle field or later on. The sooner they do it, the less prepared Qi Sheng will be. And Zhao Wang has to do it since Qi Sheng obviously trusts him enough to hand his army over.

Zhao Wang chokes at the idea that he has to do it. He tries to squirm out of it saying he's queasy but Jiu Wang tells him to man up and do it. 

The next morning the assassins have a practice run only to find out that Zhao Wang skived practice. 

He was up in a tree plucking flowers, trying to decide if he should do it. lol. 

That night, the assassins storm Qi Sheng's tent. (Anyone else get reminded of Arrow, how Oliver Queen always handsomely defeats his overwhelming number of enemies with a bow and arrow)

Out of nowhere, a single warrior hilariously jumps out from the back to rescue the king. It's Zhao Wang! Yay. 

But even with Zhao Wang, it's two verses ten and the odds don't look good.

Luckily, Zhao Wang had a secret weapon. Chili pepper that Peng Peng gave him. 

Successfully defeating the enemies, Qi Sheng and Zhao Wang sit down for a heart to heart. Zhao Wang used to hate Qi Sheng for stealing his wife but now he's forgiven her. Qi Sheng also forgives him for trying to kill him- slate cleaned, Qi Sheng just wants his brother back. Aw.

All of Jiu Wang's assassins are tortured for information but they all bite their tongue and die before they get any information, Everyone knows Jiu Wang was the mastermind behind the attack tho.

Qi Sheng captures him but he has no regrets. Jiu Wang says he did it because Peng Peng was not happy being his empress. He did it for her. 

That just makes Qi Sheng angrier. He sends Jiu Wang to the prison to decide his fate later. 

Truth out now, General Yang asks if Qi Sheng is going to take down the empress now. He responds saying he should have done that ages ago, but against, Zhang Peng Peng, he was unable to. 

He will give her one more chance. He will send a letter saying he's been poisoned and personally request for Peng Peng to bring it.

Fast forward to current times, Peng Peng and co have journeyed for 8 dyas straight. She refused a horse cart saying it would be faster to go on horse back. 

Peng Peng wants to go on but everyone else is tired. Even the horses were so sleepy they walked straight into trees without knowing. 

They finally make a pit stop and everyone falls asleep faster than 1,2,3. 

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