Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 29

Finding out that Qi Sheng knew everything from the beginning put everything into perspective... the wrong perspective. Peng Peng was originally worried that she was being too cruel to Qi Sheng but now, she should be more worried about herself and what he's going to do after he comes back. 

Word comes back from Bei Mo, they were successful in fighting off the enemy. But Qi Sheng was poisoned in an assassination attempt. He's on his death bed and requested that Peng Peng bring the antidote to him. 

Peng Peng quickly agrees to go. While she's gathering things for the road, Imperial Doctor Zhang reports that one of the Concubines is pregnant for 2 months. But Qi Sheng has been gone for 3.....

Enraged, Peng Peng storms to the concubines palace and catches the adulterers in the act. Qi Sheng has been risking his life to protect their country and what they do is betray him.  

Worried for Qi Sheng and angry at them, she harshly sentences the man to death and banishes the concubine to Siberia. 

Lu Li reminds Peng Peng that this could actually be a plot set up by Qi Sheng. Maybe he's already taken care of Jiu Wang and this is a trap to get Peng Peng too. If she goes, they will most definitely be caught. 

Peng Peng tells her she's already thought of that but it doesn't matter, even if it's a trap. As long as there's a 0.1% chance that Qi Sheng really needs her, she will go. 

Let's flashback to half a month ago. At Bei Mo, Qi Sheng commands Zhao Wang to man the army to directly hit the enemy.

Surprised, Zhao Wang accepts but not without a lot of questions and confusion. Qi Sheng just tells him to do it and stop complaining lol.

Privately, General Yang asks the same thing. They know Zhao Wang is on the other side. Why is he still giving him all that power?

Qi Sheng still believes in him. His brother maybe a lazy slob but he's also a morally sound and good at heart. He believes Zhao Wang won't go through with the assassination.

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