Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 28

The war in Bei Mo is not going well. Qi Sheng's army suffers a huge loss forcing him to personally go and lead the army with his two brothers, Jiu Wang and Zhao Wang.

Meanwhile, our resident empress is happily frolicking in her backyard.

Hearing about Qi Sheng's journey her first response is "So quick? He must not go, he can't go! My face has only gotten better" pfft. 

Peng Peng tells Lu Li to be ready for any changes when Zhao Wang goes to battle.

Confused, Lu Li at first thought Peng Peng was saying he might find a Bei Mo woman and not want her anymore. If he dared do that, she will twist his neck off.

No, Peng Peng says. Now that they are going to war, Qi Sheng doesn't have to move a muscle to kill off their alliance. Namely Jiu Wang and Zhao Wang. They can be killed by a random enemy soldier.

Thinking about it, Lu Li comments that Qi Sheng only cares about Peng Peng then as he only left Peng Peng and her family including General Zhang in the capital. He's bringing everyone else to war with him.

That could be one option. Calculatingly, Peng Peng says he could actually be separating the alliance so they are weaker. He could take care of Jiu Wang and Zhao Wang then come back to end their family.

And all this time, she's been taking it easy with Qi Sheng, she won't fall for his games anymore,

That night, a man sneaks into Peng Peng's room. At first Peng Peng confuses him for Yang Yan as he's the only who did it. but it turns out it's Jiu Wang.

Their trip to Bei Mo is a perfect chance to assassinate Qi Sheng. Once he's dead, Peng Peng is to assist Hao Er' to be king. Qi Sheng even wrote his will for Hao Er' to take over the throne if anything happened to him. If he fails, he will take the blame and no one will ever know of their alliance. 

 Overwhelmed, Peng Peng tells him he's doing so much for her. She will never be able to pay him back. 

Again he reaffirms his love for her. As long as she has him in her heart, then anything is worth it. He goes to hug her but Peng Peng can't bring herself to hug him back. 

She does confirm that they are on the same boat though and she will never betray him.

Aw, sometimes I just feel bad for Jiu Wang, he did everything to try and get the girl but it doesn't work. 

Alone, Peng Peng looks back at the will and remembers when Qi Sheng told her the same thing. If anything happened to him, support Hao Er' to be king.

The big day arrives. Peng Peng's mind tells her to stay but her feet, for some reason, don't listen and she finds herself at Qi Sheng's send off. 

Qi Sheng immediately gets off his horse to meet her, obviously waiting for her to show up. 

But seeing him in person, Peng Peng couldn't say her true feelings. Instead she starts spouting that it's rainy season in the north now. His helmet has that extra feather making him extra tall, the perfect target for lightening. Pfft. 

 Getting to the point, Qi Sheng asks if she will miss him but she can't bring herself to answer and he leaves disapointed.

Months pass and like a good girl, Peng Peng practices her calligraphy.... except she only practices two characters "Qi" and "Sheng" 

She also makes daily visits to Grandma Queen's palace. She is always the first person to get information on the war and Qi Sheng's status.

One night, Yang Yan flies into Peng Peng's room. His dad is gone and has been gone for months. They finally figure out that General Yang was a spy for Qi Sheng who knew all their plans from the beginning!

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