Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 27

Advisers report that there's unrest amongst the citizens. Qi Sheng has constantly been at war with another country since the beginning of his reign. The people are saying he's a war monger or he's using the name of war to use their tax money to go and have fun. 

In the middle of their reporting, Hao Er' runs out. He's grown so big that he can run around by himself. Peng Peng runs in after him apologizing for disrupting them but Qi Sheng who has been secretly smiling from his throne just takes Hao Er' into his lap.

Hao Er' is his successor and the future king of the land. He can come in and listen to the court. He will be your king in the future so know your place is strongly implied.  

Alone, Peng Peng questions Qi Sheng's decision to make Hao Er' crown prince so early. He's still so young, he's bound to have more children, what if he likes another kid more than Hao Er' in the future and changes his mind. 

Qi Sheng calls her out saying she's too strange. A normal person would be ecstatic that their child will be king. 

Peng Peng says she's just looking out for her son. In the past, there's been too many people who killed each other to be king, she doesn't want that to happen to Hao Er'.

Decision made, Qi Sheng tells her not to worry about that but instead focus on her dismal studies instead. 

Trying to worm out of if, Peng Peng uses the excuse that Qi Sheng must be tired from holding court all day, why don't they take a nap instead. lol Peng Peng is too skilled, doesn't matter what they are talking about there's always a spot to flirt and insinuate that they should sleep together haha. 

Strictly, Qi Sheng reprimands her saying its the middle of the day. pfft. 

Going onto more important matters, Qi Sheng hands her a document filled with Xs and Os. Thinking it's a secret love letter XOXO, Peng Peng enthusiastically call's Qi Sheng "Oppa" and goes in for a kiss. 

In reality.... 

this is happening... lol

 Figuring that she has too much energy to constantly think about doing the hanky panky, Qi Sheng decides to up his teaching strategy.

He makes Peng Peng exercise together with him to strengthen the mind and body.

It just gives Peng Peng a good excuse to ogle at his half naked body though.

If she couldn't keep her mind straight with clothes on, what did you think was going to happen when you took them off Qi Sheng? lol

After days of no progress, Qi Sheng blows his lid and asks Peng Peng if there's anything she's good at. 

Dancing of course. With some well placed butt gropes ;D

Jealously, Jiu Wang watches in secret. 

He re-acts the dance with Yang Yan but gets too into it and ends up kissing him. Yang Yan gets all shy and mistakenly thinks that Jiu Wang actually likes him that's why he hasn't married anyone in so long. Reality is, Jiu Wang just got too into the dance and imagined Peng Peng as Yang Yan. 

Intent on getting some today, Peng Peng spikes Qi Sheng's tea with herbal Viagra. 

And makes him get it himself "I'm busy reading this book... " but it's upside down. Pfft. 

He doesn't fall for it. But instead reveals the reason he's been so adamant about teaching her. He's going personally to Bei Mo to lead their army against the Northerners. She needs to stay in the capital and if anything happens to him, help Hao Er' become king. 

Curious, he asks if she wants him to come back. But she only gets out "I hope..."

She goes in for a kiss but Qi Sheng backs away last minute. Still on about the distance thing. 

But Peng Peng grabs him and forces herself on him.

They end up spending the night together and have lots of sex lol. 

The next morning, Peng Peng wakes up and reflects that she's finally accepted her female body. Male or female, it doesn't matter as long as she's herself. 

Insert picture of cutest baby on earth! Couldn't help it, that baby is just too adorable. 

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