Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 26

The whole fiasco turns bigger and bigger and soon the whole city knows. General Yang takes the opportunity to beat the crap out of his son and separate him from Jiu Wang by grounding him at home. 

Jiu Wang, through the whole mess, doesn't seem worried at all. Busy caressing and awing over the wallet Peng Peng gave him, he doesn't see Zhao Wang walk in on him.

Seeing him so relaxed, Zhao Wang asks him if he's got the problem solved.

Jiu Wang says "Of course..... not" Pfft. All he cares about is getting together with Peng Peng everything else be damned. 

On the day of reckoning, all the advisers gather and formally address the atrocities Jiu Wang and Yang Yan have committed. From having too big a wedding and interfering with other businesses to staying too late at a restaurant so the owner couldn't close shop and go home, to Jiu Wang killing a eunuch with his handsome looks. Ha Ha.

Sucked into the mess because of the alliance, Zhang Ma Ma goes crying to Peng Peng to think of something.

Thinking it's Qi Sheng's way of retaliating for lying to his face, Peng Peng takes responsibility for the situation and tells them not to worry, she has a plan.

Her tears. Ahaha.

Defenseless against her tears, Qi Sheng agrees to go easy on everyone.

Riding on her success, Peng Peng leaves an open invitation for him to visit her at her palace any time
*wink wink* lol.

Qi Sheng ends up demoting everyone by reducing their army size and positions in court.

Everyone except Zhao Wang who asks "What about me?" Lol, he's the only person who would purposely ask for a demotion.

Qi Sheng responds, "Look at yourself, do you still have position or land for me to take away"

Jiu Wang alliance meet up and discuss Qi Sheng's motives. He successfully decreased their power and resources. Trying to rise up against him is much harder now. He also got his message across to them. "Their lives are in his hands, killing them would be easy as pie"

On the other side, Peng Peng gets the same message. Qi Sheng's motive was to get her to realize his capabilities and for her to rely on him more. But his power play  makes her realize that her life is in his hands too and it makes her stand more firmly on Jiu Wang's side.

Qi Sheng surprises Peng Peng with a bunch of books. He's going to personally teach her so that she can teach Hao Er' in the future.

Thinking of  it as an opportunity to spend more time with him which equates to more time to try and get into his pants, Peng Peng eagerly agrees. lol.

He tries to teach her calligraphy but Peng Peng, more focused on trying to kiss him does such a horrible job he starts to get angry but she cries that he needs to show her how to do it. Hold her hand and show her stroke by stroke. She just wants him to hold your hand lol. 

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