Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 25

The next morning, Peng Peng wakes up with a smile on her face as she remembers their hot and smexy activities last night.

Qi Sheng on the other hand, feels super remorseful as he thinks he forced himself on her. Childishly, he tries to berate Eunuch Chiang to not stopping him in his drunken state last night. Ha.

 Deciding to take responsibility, Qi Sheng shows up at her door but doesn't go in.

Feeling something is off, Peng Peng asks him why he doesn't just come in like he always does.

Qi Sheng explains that he's going to respect her and her space now, until she falls in love with him, he's not going to touch her at all and will remain at a distance away.

"At a distance" Peng Peng repeats with an unhappy undertone. Qi Sheng may feel remorse over last night but Peng Peng was actually looking forward to more repeats.

The first thing he does after that is visit Jiang Si. Wait wah?

Her existence makes him feel more guilty about Peng Peng so he's going to get rid of her.

He bestows on her a cup of wine- the poisoned part left unsaid but largely implied.

Thinking it's the end of her, Jiang Si does a final dance before succumbing to the wine.

Hearing the news, Peng Peng rushes to Jiang Si's place only to find it emptied. There's nothing left but a eunuch cleaning things up and an empty cup.

Peng Peng is surprised but ends up leaving it at that. One less Jiang Si is one less competition with her. 

In reality, Qi Sheng did not kill her. The wine was just a sleeping aid designed to knock Jiang Si out. She's sent to a far away place to live the rest of her life away from Qi Sheng and Peng Peng. 

A month later, Peng Peng frets in her palace alone. Qi Sheng has kept his word and has not gone to visit her. And that's the problem.

Just look at her face for example. She's not even at the age range for break outs anymore. Imperial Doctor tries to help her but she's just self diagnoses herself. It's because she finally had a taste of having sex in a female body but now of all times, Qi Sheng decided to go cold turkey on her so her body is hormonal imbalanced. The cure would be to have more sex again. lol.

General Yang won at battle again so Qi Sheng held a banquet for him. Taking advantage of the situation, Peng Peng tries to butter up Qi Sheng.

She sneaks from her spot over to his and starts giving him food. "You need meat... to have energy" *Wink wink*

When that doesn't work, she invites him to her palace for the night but he leaves without her. lol.

Even though she's infatuated with trying to get into Qi Sheng's pants, her mind is still pretty clear about everything that's happening.

She expresses her concerns to Zhao Wang. Even though General Yang was victorious, Qi Sheng rewarded him with a thousand acres of land and plenty of gold , it's too much.

She tells Zhao Wang and Jiu Wang to be careful. She doesn't know why Qi Sheng awarded General Yang so handsomely but something is up.

Separately, she tells Jiu Wang to stay away. It's complicated right now and his presence makes her feel even more complicated.

Poor Jiu Wang all he wanted was her heart but now she's basically rejecting him :[

Privately, Qi Sheng starts plotting his retaliation towards Jiu Wang and co for their treasonous acts.

Plan A, have a court adviser stage a horse cart crash with Jiu Wang and Yang Yan. Nothing was hurt badly so Jiu Wang was going leave it be but the court adviser purposely makes it a bigger deal.

"You guys have to pay up, not just physical damages either. My chauffeur is internally traumatized from the crash. And my horse, it's going to have PTSD and eventually personality disorder from the stress" lol.

The situation escalates to the king as several advisers rise up to cry about their wronged happenings with Jiu Wang. Including "Yang Yan called my chauffeur a gigolo" Pfft. The advisor says Ya which is goose, but in chinese, a goose is a colloquial saying for gigolo.

Hearing all the complaints, Qi Sheng gives the advisers a few days to gather together all of Jiu Wang's wrongdoings and formally submit it to him.

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