Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 24

Peng Peng, to sweeten up Qi Sheng, has been catering to his needs for the past few days. She noticed that his duties as king are very stressful- he always sighs after falling asleep. Perhaps he should let Peng Peng sleep on the bed instead of on the floor to comfort him. 

Qi Sheng immediately says no, he has the bed at the perfect balance and angle, adding one more person to it will destroy everything.

Offended, Peng Peng calls him a true Mary Sue. Haha. 

She convinces Qi Sheng to take her to a temple to "pray for their love." Qi Sheng is skeptical but still complies.

On their way, Qi Sheng declares his love for her saying he will take care  and comfort her until she feels the same way too.

Surprised by his direct confession, Peng Peng asks if he was taken over by a rom-com actor. lol.

Qi Sheng goes on saying he will be able to protect her... as long as she stays loyal to him.

In her male voice, Peng Peng narrates "He's on to something, Yang Yan, you better not show up"

Of course, at the exact same time, Yang Yan shows up with his wife, Zhang Ling Ling.

Originally, they had planned to have a secret meeting in the temple with Jiu Wang but hearing Qi Sheng's words, Peng Peng starts to get worried that Qi Sheng is on to something.

Peng Peng tries to stop the meeting, but Ling Ling says she's got it a "Plan B" in case this happened. Qi Sheng will not know a thing.

Smart plan includes: jumping into the water then dragging Peng Peng off to change clothes.

Inside, Jiu Wang and General Yang (Yang Yan's father) are already there. They plan on assassinating Qi Sheng soon, when he goes to Yuan Bei to head the army.

"So soon?" Peng Peng blurts out, surprised and not happy that it's all happening so fast but she doesn't do anything to put a stop to the plan.

She returns to Qi Sheng after the meeting and seems to know something transpired. His attitude does a 180, no longer doting, he just says two stoic things "Get up and we are returning to the palace"

General Yang is Qi Sheng's spy. He reports their entire assassination plot Qi Sheng who is hurt that they (namely Peng Peng) would ultimately do this to him.

Peng Peng guessed that Qi Sheng knew about their meet up so she shows up to explain what happened at the temple.

General Yang was there to settle a family dispute- Yang Yan and Zhang Ling Ling were having a lovers spat.

Jiu Wang as there too but to give her emotional support with the whole Jiang Si situation.

Qi Sheng listens, anger simmering until he can't take it anymore. He tells Peng Peng to leave, he can't hear her lies anymore.

Alone, Qi Sheng tries to cope with alcohol. That's not a good idea buddy, every time you get drunk there's trouble or horrible portraits in creation. 

In his drunken state, he decides to storm Peng Peng's palace.... and kill her.

Lu Li and Eunuch Chiang try to stop him. They kneel in between him and Peng Peng begging for him to let her go but he goes the kill them too.

Peng Peng stops him in time and tells them to leave.

Defiantly, Peng Peng tells him to just kill her if that's what he's after, don't pull others into this.

Their verbal argument turns physical. All their sexual pent up tension gets released and they end up doing a very sensual and heated vertical tango.

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