Saturday, January 16, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 23

Commencing Keep Qi Sheng and Jiu Wang Happy With Her Plan, Peng Peng's next move is to get brownie points with Qi Sheng. She makes durian congee for him and sweetly butters him up but he just tells her to leave it there and go back to her palace. 

After she leaves though, he happily eats the congee. Hmm, what is he playing at? 

Peng Peng leaves Lu Li at Qi Sheng's palace to watch over Jiang Si so she takes the chance to make it difficult for Jiang Si. "That's what you get for getting between my master and the king"

She got smarter after following Peng Peng around all this time. She makes Jiang Si brew her some tea.

Secretly, Jiang Si adds a special something into the tea.

But when she brings out the tea, Lu Li says she's not thirsty anymore and makes Jiang Si drink it in front of her. Pfft.

Qi Sheng goes to Grandma Queen for relationship advice. Peng Peng and him have been having.... issues. He feels as if she doesn't care about him anymore. He tried to make her jealous by inviting Jiang Si to his place but she didn't care. I knew it! It was all a ploy, he didn't really go back to his backup.

Grandma Queen chides him for not asking her sooner. She isn't reacting because he didn't take it far enough. No worries, Grandma Queen will take care of this.

Insert the entertainment to provide a distraction and excuse for them to meet up- Zhao Wang dancing scandalously for all the world to see.

Everyone's seated already when Qi Sheng enters with Jiang Si at his side. Qi Sheng renamed her to Sue, supposedly creating a new identity for her so the fact of him stealing his brother's wife is no longer valid- she's a different person now.

This creates a big uproar. Everyone knew Jiang Si was in the king's palace and was the king's woman, but now, by taking her out in public like that, he's essentially telling the world, this is real, she's my woman.

Peng Peng is barely able to control her anger but there's nothing she's able to do about it but grit her teeth.

Qi Sheng and Grandma Queen exchange glances, mission jealousy- SUCCESS :]

Peng Peng secretly consults Zhao Wang about Qi Sheng's actions. Zhao Wang, the wisest of them all, tells her it's all because he likes her, he's trying to make her jealous.

Riding on that fact, Peng Peng makes plans to keep going to Qi Sheng's good graces.

That night, Peng Peng visits Qi Sheng with the motivation of a coy cat. She in her distinct crude yet with touch of finesse fashion, kicks Jiang Si out "I will clear his poop and pee, you don't have to worry" before taking her place as his official assistant, taking on the important matter of making ink from the ink slab. Pfft.

 Half way through, she falls asleep so Qi Sheng carries her to his bed and tenderly takes off her shoes. He sleeps at her bedside for the rest of the night.

The next morning, the news that Peng Peng slept at Qi Sheng's palace runs rampant throughout. No little thanks to our resident concubines.

Jiu Wang catches news of this too. He's so distraught he injures poor Yang Yan before telling him to visit Peng Peng to find out exactly whats going on.

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