Thursday, January 14, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 22

After their last outing, Qi Sheng has not gone to see Peng Peng. Lu Li starts to get worried for her and Hao Er (Peng Peng and Qi Sheng's kid) who has been crying because he hasn't seen his dad.

Peng Peng's just laughs, "He's only a few months old, he only knows to cry and eat" 

Speak of the devil, Qi Sheng shows up as they were talking about him.

He starts with saying that Jiang Si's place is so much better, she has incense which makes her place smell heavenly, Peng Peng's place always smells like durian. Ha.

So basically, he made a whole round about just to say he's been to Jiang Si's place and now he's purposely telling Peng Peng to make her mad..

Peng Peng (in her male overvoice) narrates that even elementary kids won't use that tactic to get girls lol.

He asks how she got Zhao Wang to marry Lu Li but she counters that it's not important. What's important is that she kept her alive- she has several people she would give her life to protect... from him, goes unsaid.

Days go by but Peng Peng is still feeling worried and down. Qi Sheng came to her place specifically to tell her about Jiang Si. It's a warning that he's going to take her down and make Jiang Si Queen soon.

Or, the more logical reason is that he's just trying to make you jealous. It's that simple, stop making it more complicated than it is! 

Lu Li arranges for Peng Peng's favorite past time, play time with the other concubines to make her feel better.

Peng Peng gets very excited watching the other concubines play.

But when it's her turn, she can't do it and barfs.

Whoa, no more interest in women? That man soul has been turned into a female soul~

Zhao Wang, who is now officially betrothed to Lu Li, is ordered by our favorite grandma to make frequent visits to her so they get to know each other.

Peng Peng takes the opportunity to pull him into her alliance.

Qi Sheng calls Jiu Wang to test him on his loyalties. He asks who he wants sent to battle with him in Yuan Si. Jiu Wang answers General Zhang (Peng Peng's dad) as he is loyal and trust worthy.

Qi Sheng counters that General Zhang is Peng Peng's dad, it's not right to put him in such danger. (Or was he insinuating he knows about Peng Peng and Jiu Wang's alliance?)

He ultimately decides to send Jiu Wang and General Yang (Yang Yan's dad) to Yuan Si to battle.

At the brothel, Peng Peng, Jiu Wang and Zhao Wang meet again. They were deeply surprised that Qi Sheng didn't send General Zhang but they will keep monitoring.

Zhao Wang and Peng Peng separately discuss their stance. Peng Peng has thought about their alliance long and hard and finally decided to follow Zhao Wang's advice. She will keep this alliance but at the same time, keep in good terms with Qi Sheng so that in case they do fail, Qi Sheng and her will have a good enough relationship that he won't kill her.

Zhao Wang asks if the plan is plausible. With Peng Peng temper, she's bound to get into another fight with him again. lol.

Reconciliation in mind, Peng Peng butters Qi Sheng up. She calls him to her palace to celebrate that Hao Er' has learned to sit finally. "Sit down" she says in english, like her son's a dog >.<

Suspicious, as she never calls him over, Qi Sheng asks what she wants.

She apologies for for her temper and sweetly asks him to come over often so they can see Hao Er' grow up together.

Qi Sheng asks if she's become another person again. lol.

He doesn't know if the words coming out of her mouth are true or false but he will comply for now.

However.... the next day we get news that Qi Sheng moved Jiang Si into his palace.

What are you up to Qi Sheng???
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  1. AHHHHHH BREEE, I just saw the last episode(ugh they finally posted it after like over a week of waiting on bated breathe) and so much fuckery happened. i am just stunned out of my mind right now, my emotions are all suspended in shock and are hyped up at the same time!!! I thought I was mentally prepared going into this, but I am never so wrong. I knew what was going on but also thoroughly confused at the same time. The drama ended how it had began: with absolutely no sense.

    1. I heard there is a second season.

    2. There's also a second alternative ending. That one was much more palpable to me ;]

  2. excuse my caps but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RECAPS! seriously, I can't watch it cuz it doesn't have english subs (sad life, I know) and then I found this gem. Thank you so much for the recaps!

    1. Hi Hi :] thanks for the feedback, it's my joy to recap and share to you guys, more to come <3