Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 21

Jiu Wang happily returns from his bathroom break, wallet proudly on display at his waist.

Qi Sheng recognizes it immediately. He tells Jiu Wang he is courting the idea of marrying him off to a princess up north, she beautiful and more importantly it's far away aka, stay away from my wife or else you might find yourself in Siberia.

Lu Li beat Zhao Wang up again. This time, she woke up and saw Zhao Wang so she got scared and gave him a good bashing.

Worriedly, Peng Peng tells her not to do it again, Zhao Wang is a flake but he's still a prince.

Qi Sheng confronts Peng Peng about the wallet but she stays strong and refuses to admit that she made the wallet Jiu Wang is proudly showing everyone.

Still angry but with no evidence, Qi Sheng does the only thing he can- sentence Lu Li to death for beating up Zhao Wang.

Talk about misdirected anger.

To save her life, Peng Peng blackmails Zhao Wang into marrying Lu Li.

Zhao Wang: "You are trying to black mail me?"

Peng Peng: "No, you are a prince, of course I wouldn't dare black mail you. It's just that there's this girl living in the palace. I could make her life hell if I wanted to"

Qi Sheng wakes up the next morning to find all that has transgressed overnight. He just wanted her to admit that she did wrong and ask him to repeal his decision. Instead, in the span of one night, she pulled every connection she had and blackmailed every person that she could to save Lu Li. She did everything but ask him.
So he wasn't really going to execute Lu Li, he just wanted Peng Peng to realize her dependency on him. Well that totally backfired, if anything it just shows she's probably the only one who can go head to head with him.

Disappointed about Peng Peng, Qi Sheng finds solace in Jiang Si.

Oh No he didn't! Peng Peng doesn't need him so he's going to the Lu Cha Biao to comfort him. 

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  1. Nooo!! Tell me it ain't so, Qi Sheng!

    Thanks for the awesome recaps :)

  2. Qi Sheng oh Qi Sheng, you're the biggest flake of them all, you pendulumic douchebag.