Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 20

Still unsure, Peng Peng seeks Jiu Wang out again to make sure he really isn't going for the throne anymore. To ease her worries, he gives her a sword and tells her to just kill him. Since she obviously doesn't trust him- this way she will be sure he won't take over the throne. 

 Peng Peng throws away the sword and regretfully tells him she will never be able to repay him back for all the things he's done for her. 

Disappointed, Jiu Wang tells her he isn't looking for repayment, as long as she has him in her heart and appreciates all the things he's done for her, he's satisfied. 

Aww, almost made me a Team Jiu Wang member. 

Peng Peng goes into labor and Qi Sheng waits anxiously outside.

Hearing her pain induced cries, he immediately orders the imperial doctor to prescribe something to ease her pain. But as the good doctor says, there's nothing available; thousands of women before had to go through the same pain.

"You are comparing my queen to normal women?" Qi Sheng angrily says.

Peng Peng finally gives birth to a little prince. His eye brows look like hers, Qi Sheng tells her lovingly.

"Good, if his eyebrows looked like yours, we would have to take him to Korea for plastic surgery" Ha.

Even though she has had a child with Qi Sheng, Peng Peng is still wary of him. She secretly makes a wallet for Jiu Wang, an alliance she can not dissolve as it will strengthen her families power in court and just in case Qi Sheng decides to get rid of her, she has a back road.

Qi Sheng shows up but luckily they make the wallet disappear before he gets too suspicious. He hands Peng Peng a piece of paper with a character on it.

"Jing?" Peng Peng incorrectly guesses.

Seconds away from face palming, Qi Sheng explains the word is pronounced, "Hao," it's going to be their child's name.

"I don't have a say?" Peng Peng asks, "Plus this word is too complicated, no one's going to know how to read it"

Qi Sheng retorts back, she's probably the only person in this country who can't read the word. Ha.

Grandma Queen tries to get her kids to get married at dinner. First she goes for Zhao Wang, it's been so long since her wife *cough ran away cough* left, isn't it time for him to find a new wife?

But Zhao Wang stays strong and claims his heart is still broken. Knowing she hit a dead end,

Grandma Queen moves onto Jiu Wang insinuating his less than desirable relationship with Yang Yan, It's time he grew up and found a real female wife.

Catching his blush even though he denied having a woman of interest *side glance at Peng Peng*,

Peng Peng secretly tells Grandma Queen not to worry. They are both straight as arrows, she's even seen them at the brothel.

Brothel? What was Peng Peng doing at a brothel?

Realizing she said something she shouldn't have Peng Peng runs off feigning stomach problems again.

Bumping into her at the bathroom again, (No, Jiu Wang actually stalked her coming out this time) Peng Peng takes the opportunity to give her wallet to Jiu Wang. Even though she has a child with Qi Sheng now, it doesn't change anything between her and Jiu Wang, she will never forget that that he saved her life.

On their way back to dinner, Peng Peng bumps into Zhao Wang who tries to run away at first, thinking they will beat him up again.

Peng Peng and Zhao Wang end up having a heart to heart while Lu Li fell asleep.

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