Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 19

After failing to get Lu Li to make the wallet for her ("I'm saving my first for my lover") Peng Peng grits her teeth and sets to making a superb wallet. 

She spends all night sewing one up, even stabbing her ten fingers but it's done at last.

Pfft. It's a real work of art.

Qi Sheng compliments her skills, saying the wallet is quite unique.....

Peng Peng counters, "your taste is very... interesting". haha

He brings her back to the balcony that Jiu Wang brought her to for their first "date". (Or it might be the a different place but the production cast lacked money, so they just reused the same romantic background).

He puts his arms around her when she starts to shiver. Aw. But she wiggles away saying it's too much.

Qi Sheng became interested in Jiang Si when they were young. She had just lost her parents and seemed so pitiful so he tried to help her when he could but the old Peng Peng got extremely jealous over this. She would try to make trouble for Jiang Si whenever she could but the more she did that, the more Qi Sheng wanted to help and take Jiang Si's side.

But now, Peng Peng's personality has done a 180 -it's like she became a new person. He had to re-evaluate their situation

Qi Sheng tries to confess his feelings but Peng Peng won't accept it. He was the one who tried to kill her in Jiang Bei.

She hated him then, but now she doesn't, because hating someone means you still have hopes for them. Aww.

Never had he seen a woman like this; Qi Sheng makes a promise to her in the guise of a bet. He will protect her for the rest of his life, so will she stay by his side and be his queen forever?

Enthralled in the moment, both of them stare into each other's eyes, waiting for the next move. Finally Peng Peng backs off saying she isn't going to gamble with him. Men's words are the most untrustworthy.

That night, Peng Peng has a terrible nightmare about her baby disappearing. Realizing that the child has become important to her- no matter how much she tries to ignore it- she decides to call it quits with Jiu Wang.

Meeting with Jiu Wang.... what a coincidence, in front a bathroom again. Ha. Peng Peng tells him she can't help him take Qi Sheng down anymore. Originally, when he died, Jiu Wang would be the next king, no questions asked. But now with her child all bets are off. She asks Jiu Wang to give up the throne.

Taken back, Jiu Wang even falls down in shock but he finally gives in. His love for her out weighs his thirst for the throne, as long as she stays with him, then he will do anything for her.

Qi Sheng sneaks into Peng Peng's bed. She could go into labor any day now so he wants to stay close just in case. Thinking he's only worried about his kid, Peng Peng reassures him that she will give birth  to a healthy baby so don't worry.

 In a deep, husky voice, Qi Sheng responds "I want baby and mother to be safe and healthy"

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