Monday, January 11, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 18

To strengthen their relationship. Peng Peng plays match maker for her cousin, Zhang Ling Ling and Yang Yan.  

On their first meeting, Ling Ling tricks Yang Yan into believing her ugly maid is her.

Cute and witty, Yang Yan is in love at first sight. 

Ling Ling likes him a lot too... but she wants to marry a strong and intellectual individual.

Laughing nervously, Peng Peng reassures her that he is the epitome of smarts and strong like Hercules.

The next morning she immediately stocks up books and bricks for Yang Yan lol.

At first Yang Yan doesn't want to but for true love, he will persevere. He endures nights of no sleep, memorizing books and lifting bricks until he can carry Lu Li around with no problem.

He proposes to Ling Ling's family but the first question they ask is if he is sure he likes woman. (If he is romantically involved with Jiu Wang)lol.

Then he has to win a drinking competition with her uncles. Ling Ling, modestly saying she can only drink a little, tries to help him and ends up drinking an entire tankard while Yang Yan watches with his eyes bulging. Pfft.

He gets so drunk he vomits on Zhang Ma Ma but hey, he won.

The next morning Peng Peng sleeps in as the drinking contest ended late. Qi Sheng takes the opportunity to chide her saying she's pregnant not a bar tender or a match maker, she should just focus on having a child. He even came prepared with alternative activities to keep her occupied. lol.

He starts off telling her to read a stack of books but she easily counters with a "I don't know how to read".

No worries, that's why they have advisers, they will teach her and the baby together.

No more excuses left, Peng Peng reverts to her default- sweeten him up, I know I'm wrong so don't make me do it routine.

Already knowing her ways, Qi Sheng tells her to do stitching instead then.

Peng Peng tries to slither out of stitching too saying it's girls work, he's a gu.... I mean, their kid could be a boy, stitching is girls work and will make him girly when he's born.

But as she's already declined reading, Qi Sheng tells her she can't get out of this one, she must stitch a wallet for him. Aw he knows her too well, he just wanted her to  make a wallet for him (Lu Li tells Peng Peng later on, women only stitch wallets for the one they love, no one else)

Peng Peng prepares a whole speech with plenty of pros and no cons on why Yang Yan should marry Ling Ling but half way through Qi Sheng agrees, saying the next morning, he will write up the decree.

Surprised, Peng Peng asks why he did he agree so quickly.

Qi Sheng simply says he only wants her to stay put for the next few days before she gives birth. If agreeing to the marriage (and heavily hinted at alliance) will make her rest for a few days then he will comply.

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