Sunday, January 10, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 17

Worried about her pregnancy, Qi Sheng decides to move into her palace ward. Eunuchs bring his stuff to her place only to be met with a defiant Peng Peng.

What?? She says all flustered in English, No No No No NOoooooo and physically blocks the door thinking it will stop the eunuchs. lol.    

Realizing she has to do something or else Qi Sheng really will move in and annoy her all day, Peng Peng cooks up a scheme.

Gathering all the concubines, she convinces them to donate their money and jewelry for a good cause. Seeing their good intentions, Qi Sheng will be so grateful- he will want to spend more time with them. But since there's so many of them, they will have to take turns. Don't worry though, Peng Peng will graciously give up her rotation, so the others can have more time. Ha.

Peng Peng brings the "donations" to Qi Sheng who scoffs at the idea of rotations and easily sees through her plans to keep him away. But after careful buttering and eye batting, Peng Peng eventually gets her way.

Paranoid as ever, Qi Sheng sleeps alone but makes his concubine on rotation stay awake to stake out.... just incase there are assassins even though there are guards and I'm sure the concubines are all martial arts black belts who can save him.

After several nights on duty, the concubines ask for a chance to sleep, or they can do more than that *wink* If he's having problems getting it up, no worries, she even brought the herbal viagra. lol.

Needless to say, Qi Sheng gets super angry at the mention of his potentially failing manhood. Luckily Peng Peng shows up to let the concubine leave but she can't help but also comment, he has so many concubines but refuses to bed any of them, does he really have trouble in the lower department?

Qi Sheng crawls over her and shows how healthy he is as a man. Realizing his intentions, Peng Peng runs away. lol. Aww, he only wants to do the hanky panky with Peng Peng. 

Tired of insomnia and dealing with the king, the concubines cry for Peng Peng to help them... or else they will become nuns.  

Calling their bluff, Peng Peng tells them to just go be nuns, she will pick a monastery for them. As easily as they started crying, the concubines sopped up their tears and immediately left saying never mind then, Pfft

Confused over Qi Sheng's behavior, Peng Peng asks the only man she can, Zhao Wang for advice. He straight up tells her that means he likes her but she refuses to believe it.

Lu Li tells her the same thing which makes Peng Peng furious. She will never forget that he tried to kill her in Jiang Bei. Even if he likes her now, it doesn't change anything.

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  1. Oh hilarity oh hilarity, Peng Peng is just an anomaly in a woman receiving the king's favor in Qi Sheng's eyes and the rest of the court. She just want some alone time damn it.

  2. Peng Peng and Qi Sheng make this entire show.