Thursday, January 7, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 14

Qi Sheng shows up and is spellbound by Peng Peng's beauty. 

He asks why did she call him over to her palace dressed up like that?

Surprised to see him there, Peng Peng says she didn't request for him. 

Turns out it was Grandma Queen up to no good. She want's great grand babies and wants them now.

To appease Grandma, Qi Sheng stays at Peng Peng's place overnight, but he makes Peng Peng sleep on the floor. Pfft.

Halfway thru the night, Chiang Gong Gong comes in and it's obviously something regarding Jiang Si. Qi Sheng looks back at Peng Peng as if asking for permission.

Peng Peng easily tells him to go, at least now she will have her bed. But when he leaves, she sadly looks down at her empty bed.

The next morning, Yang Yan delivers a triangle to Peng Peng signifying that Jiu Wang agreed to their alliance. They are going to be the strongest alliance with Jiu Wang, Peng Peng and Yang Yan (whose comes from a family of generals).

After morning court, Qi Sheng visits Jiang Si and something obviously happened to her. She requests for Qi Sheng to visit her everyday. Qi Sheng agrees with a stone cold face.

He goes to Peng Peng's to explain why he left suddenly last night but she snipes at him telling him if he wanted sweet and innocent he should go out the door and make a left (to Jiang Si).

Jiang Si is pregnant. She tries to take her own life and sobs that it's all her fault, now her kid's going to be an illegitimate child. Feeling bad, Qi Sheng tells her not to worry, he will take care of everything so she and the child will live easily.

Afterward, Qi Sheng arrives at Peng Peng's palace but decides not to go in, she will be really upset hearing that Jiang Si's pregnant, better to tell her later so she can have a few more days of ease.

Days later, the imperial doctor visits Peng Peng for a physical... only to find that she's pregnant too!

Shock and disbelief don't even begin to describe Peng Peng's reaction. She's a man, how can she have a child? But maybe it's because she's a man that she didn't feel her pregnancy.

Deciding she can't accept it, Peng Peng goes and hides.

Lu Li brings children's clothes which sparks Peng Peng's notice. She just found out that she's pregnant, how can they make clothes so quickly.

Lu Li finally spills the beans. Peng Peng is not pregnant, but Jiang Si is. They paid off the imperial doctor to fake the pregnancy so that they can still have a foot hold in the palace.

Calmed at the thought of not being pregnant, Peng Peng tells Lu Li to tell her mom to not do anything to Jiang Si and to quickly find a way for her own"child" to disappear.

Peng Peng tells Qi Sheng not to mind about her own child (never mind that it doesn't exist, she doesn't tell him, as she's planning on tricking him into thinking it was lost in a miscarriage), he should pay more attention to Jiang Si. It's great now that both of them have a kid, they can have one boy and one girl to even it out.

Angry at how easy going and happy Peng Peng is over Jiang Si having a child, and even pushing him to be with Jiang Si instead, Qi Sheng knocks his cup off the table and leaves angrily.

Lu Li cries to Peng Peng about how made Qi Sheng seemed but Peng Peng is more worried about ehr relationship with Jiu Wang. They just established an alliance but here there is news of her getting pregnant with their enemy's child.
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  1. Thank you so much for your recaps. They have totally saved me from perpetually going insane during the episodes hiatus, especially the transition from ep 23 to 24. This drama is so deeply entrenched in my whole being. I just read the whole novel through google translate (sh*t went down). Half the the fun was not knowing what was going on beyond the visual context, but now with recaps, the events actually make some logic sense and somehow I am bummed out. The dialogue is actually kinda deep and foreshadowing (you would never know that from just the action happening across the screen).

  2. The next slot of episodes just got updated and I AM HYPERVENTALATING. I thought the hiatus would be longer, and I WAS OKAY with it because after ep 27, i needed more time to emotionally process things. But now i can't be blissfully ignorant and go to sleep before watching what happens next.

    1. Yes!! Finally there's more eps out, thanks for telling me so I went to check hehe. I think there's only 3 episodes left :[ I'm wonder what happens to Jiu Wang and Yang Yan in the end.

  3. I don't know if this show is multi series, because certain SH*T HIT THE F-ING FAN in the novel and I don't know how the show might address it in three episodes; that's like a little more than an hour of content left! At this point, I think it's just resolution at this point, there can't or rather shouldn't be anymore conflict (at least concerning Peng Peng and Qi Sheng) since they CROSSED THE CERTAIN THRESHOLD DAMN IT. With Jiu Wang and Yang Yan, they will probably be punished, but crap that would implicate Peng Peng, I don't even know. I am still emotionally reeling from ep 24,27, and 31-32.

    1. O.O I haven't read the book so I have no idea what will go on, I saw on LoveTV that there are 35 episodes so that's what i'm going on, perhaps there are more episodes coming out :] I saw in a preview that Jiu Wang and Yang Yan do get captured. They are shown in a brief moment in those wooden head+hand cuffs.

      What happens in the book though? I'm super curious, is it a happy ending?

    2. According to what I've heard, it is a happy ending in the books. Fingers crossed gets enough request to sub this drama.

    3. Ditto that! Happy ending ftw. I wonder if Jiu Wang dies, hopes he doesn't because he's not evil