Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 13

Proudly, Grandma Queen shows off her beautiful artisan vase made by renowned scholar, Zhang San Qian..... and we see David in all his glory. lol. Secretly, we see Peng Peng narrate on the whole mess, how is she going to clean this up now?

Angrily, Grandma Queen vows to get to the end of this. Whoever did this was going to get into a lot of trouble.

 Alone with Grandma Queen, Peng Peng plays the innocent one. It was actually Qi Sheng who ordered David. They've been trying to make a baby but nothings happened yet so David was supposed to help create mood. They've even used an herbal Viagra. Gasp

Hearing that, Grandma Queen sends David back to them, with a "Fighting" note attached lol.

Qi Sheng, who has no idea what is happening, asks what it is but Peng Peng distracts him saying he has eye boogers, she'll clean his eyes out. She "accidentally" smashes David in the hustle and bustle and luckily brings an end to her crazy David saga.

Jiang Si get's Qi Sheng's package. She smiles saying Qi Sheng treats her so well, sending her such a precious fruit.

Taking her out of denial, the messenger comments that it probably means he's trying to break up with you, why else would he only send half a fruit? He's a king, I'm sure he can afford to send one whole fruit.

 Realizing that must be the message, Jiang Si refuses the package and pretends that she never got it.

That night, Grandma Queen plays match maker. She has Peng Peng model a dress she recently designed. She's been getting tips from a western fashionista called Victoria. (Whom she hilariously calls Wei Tau Yi which literally translates to before taking off clothes) Peng Peng flashbacks to the Victoria Secret models... pretty sure Grandma Queen doesn't mean that kind of modelling. Wondering if the production cast got permission to use those clips as I'm pretty sure it's copy righted. 

Grandma Queen even prepares the herbal Viagra for them. Getting a sense of what's happening, Peng Peng decides to make a run for it.

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    1. Yup! I totally agree, all the episodes are funny but this one was particularly funny XD