Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 12

The network is such a success, Grandma Queen tasks Peng Peng with finding a decorative vase made by Zhang San Qian.  

Automatically, Peng Peng goes to look for a counterfeit. Ha.

She gets one from the underground Eunuch run counterfeit system when she sees a fake miniature statue of David by Michaelangelo. At first the Eunuch begs for his life as the naked David is profane and illegal. Taking advantage of that. Peng Peng takes the David saying she's saving his life and taking it off his hands.

The next day of course, Lu Li mistakes it for the imperial vase and mails David to Grandma Queen.

Peng Peng frantically looks for it in the mail room but it's too late. Her system is too efficient and it's already been sent out.

Testing out the new system, Qi Sheng sends something to Jiang Si, with a note that seeing that will equate to seeing him. Hmm, I thought he wasn't in love with her anymore, that sounds oddly romantic. 

At the same time, the messenger delivers mail to the Qi Sheng. It's the letter Eunuch Chiang wrote to his "Little Apple" who was supposed to be Lu Li. Instead Qi Sheng gets it and reads the love letter. Pfft.

Thinking it was meant for him, Qi Sheng starts to get weary around Eunuch Chiang. The next morning, Eunuch Chiang wakes him up and comments on how fit he's gotten, "look at those abs". Hubba hubba. I concur.

He goes to touch Qi Sheng's man boobs and shyly says even he's starting to feel for the King when Qi Sheng freaks out and orders him to stay at least three meters away.

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