Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 11

Peng Peng is official crowned Queen and Qi Sheng arrives to her palace to celebrate. Thinking he wants to hanky panky, Peng Peng immediately tries to excuse herself saying she has a headache. 

He calms her nerves saying he only wants to talk about how they first met. Many people think that he became crown prince because of his abilities but it's really because he accompanied the previous king to Peng Peng's house when they were young. He went to play with Peng Peng and it reminded the previous king of him and his wife. Jiu Wang was also there but he didn't go play with them. That simple moment all those years ago made him king and left Jiu Wang a lord. 

He gave such a heartfelt story but Peng Peng was more worried about keeping him away. She tells him it's late. Getting the message, Qi Sheng starts to leave. Peng Peng whispers to Eunuch Chiang to bring him to Jiang Si's palace. Hearing that, Qi Sheng loudly says they are going back to his own palace.

Several days later, Lu Li proudly announces that Qi Sheng has been to Jiang Si's palace but he never spent the night there. Peng Peng laughs that with her promotion, Lu Li was also promoted and expanded her gossip group.

Several of the concubines arrive to greet Peng Peng who hilariously throws a fit saying that with her promotion, all she's been doing was settle little squabbles between the concubines. She tries to refuse to see them- it's the weekend, she's off today but Lu Li persuades her otherwise saying she just became Queen, it's not good if she stopped working so quickly.

Basically, the girls are jealous. In the past, the king didn't see them anyway, but at the same time, he didn't see anyone else. Now all he does is visit Jiang Si, the "fake concubine." It's not just them, they are worried for the Queen, he hasn't gone to see her either.

Just as Peng Peng starts to feel bad for them and think of a win-win situation, one of them cries so much her make up gets ruined. The topic suddenly changes and they get into talking about makeup. Before Peng Peng knows it, the concubines all run off, excited to look at water proof mascara. lol.

To save herself from more crying concubines, Peng Peng devises a plan to keep them occupied.

A shopping network that mails the items to the buyers. They don't have to personally go to a shop to buy things, just order it from their house and it will be delivered. She even links it to a postal system where people can mail things to one another. Her masterpiece will be called Ali-PengPeng. Pfft.

She brings her idea to Qi Sheng who is skeptical at first but he relents when she brings up how all the concubines are in a tussle over Jiang Si being in the palace and this will divert their attention.

Who better to man the operation than Jiu Wang and his side kick, Yang Yan. In a deliciously naughty scene, Yang Yan and Jiu Wang moan and grunt behind a wall of boxes... only for us to see them in pain over sore hands from writing too much. lol.

The network is a booming success as all the concubines only talk about ordering things and trying to become a "VIP" member.

Even Eunuch Chiang takes advantage of the system to write a love letter to his beloved "little apple"

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  1. Waait, who's Eunuch Chiang again? Thanks for the recaps! :D