Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 10

Still not understanding why she was left in Jiang Bei by herself for such a long time, Peng Peng storms to Qi Sheng for answers. 

She walks in on him half naked getting a massage from two girls. Yum, more of these scenes please. 

Shocked, she tells him to call off the two girls as what she's about to unleash may harm his reputation if it ever got out. 

Looking thoughtful , Qi Sheng tells her to just say it, her words will only be between him and her.

She starts to rip into him comparing how awful it was in Jiang Bei by herself but look at him here, he's living it up in the capital all by himself.

Qi Sheng explains that he was injured in Jiang Bei so the imperial doctor recommended massage therapy.  

Peng Peng easily counters, saying it's just an excuse for pretty girls, if they are really specialists, then lend them to her for a session. Smell that sourness in the air? I think someone is jealous. 

Sensing they need alone time, Qi Sheng hand signals for the two girls to go- not without a "And you dare touch their soft hands! You aren't thinking of doing the dirty dirty right here in front of me?" cry from Peng Peng. 

The two girls walk out with a walking stick, turns out they really are massage specialists who can't speak, see or hear. 

In the garden, Peng Peng comes upon Zhao Wang. Seeing as he's the second one to try to assassinate her, she has Lu Li give him the beating of the a life time. Half way thru, she sits him down and he admits that he did try to kill them all. He thought that if he killed all the competition, Jiang Shi would come back to him. Now, he's in the palace trying to look for his wife who disappeared. Everyone says that she was sickly and died while he was drunk but he knows, Qi Sheng probably brought her into the palace. Understanding, Peng Peng starts to feel bad for him but that was one thing and trying to kill her was another, so she has Lu Li continue to beat him up.

That night, Peng Peng wonders what will happen to her. Qi Sheng didn't rely on her or her family's power at all when he ascended the throne, meaning he doesn't need her power and their relationship hasn't been the best, everyone knows they aren't on good terms, so he's probably not going to make her queen.

Lu Li sadly agrees, saying the king hasn't visited her in a while.

At that moment, Qi Sheng shows up, probably already heard the whole conversation. Wordlessly, he takes her by the hand and drags her away.

A maid sees them and greets them as King and crown princess. Peng Peng nods like it's normal but Qi Sheng ferociously yells at the maid "Where's your brain, this is the Queen you should be addressing"

Surprised at first, Peng Peng quickly covers saying they haven't had the official procession yet so she's not the official Queen yet, it's the thought that counts. She tries to pull the maid up but Qi Sheng drags her off again.

Privately, Peng Peng asks if he's really going to make her queen. Qi Sheng redundantly asks who else is there to make Queen. Aww. Peng Peng smiles happily until Qi Sheng starts talking about Jiang Shi.

He brought Peng Peng to Jiang Shi's palace area. So she really didn't die.

He says he only brought her to the palace because she was so sickly, with Zhao Wang drunk and not taking care of things, he was worried she would die.

Peng Peng narrates"so that means you are only making me Queen so you have can continue to have your mistress"

Walking in, Peng Peng's male side takes over. Seeing Jiang Si's weak state, she loses control and almost drools over Jiang Si. She enthusiastically hugs her while commenting on her beautiful arms and legs.

Seeing her act so weirdly, Qi Sheng grabs her away and sends her out.

Alone, Peng Peng starts berating herself for loosing control saying "Lu Cha Biaos" green tea babes, are no good, she should know better.

Alone with Qi Sheng, Jiang Si comments on how good Peng Peng's acting was. It made it seem like she really cared.

Qi Sheng counters asking "Couldn't that have been real sisterly affection and caring?"

Jiang Si clarifies that it just feels strange, recently Peng Peng's been acting different from before.

Smiling, Qi Sheng affectionately agrees that Peng Peng is not the same. He's realized that his feelings towards her and Peng Peng have changed as well. He attempts to break up with Jiang Si but she sees where the conversation is going and starts to cough up a storm.

Seeing her so sickly, Qi Sheng tells her they can continue this conversation another time.  Noo... dont' be lead on by the Lu Cha Biao!!!

The day of Peng Peng's coronation arrives and she wakes up to half a dozen of servants waiting to serve her.

Lu Li picks out her accessories and Peng Peng realizes why the guys didn't like her in the past, Her fashionista's style was too low.

Jiu Wang stops by, ever since Qi Sheng became king, he's been tasking Jiu Wang with menial jobs such as preparing all the materials for the Queen's coronation and stock bathrooms.

Privately, Peng Peng proposes an alliance with Jiu Wang. With her and her family backing him, along with Yang Yan's family, they will form a triangle alliance, the strongest of all shapes.

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