Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 16 preview

Just as our loving couple is finally happily together, Zhe Rui gets blinded from saving Zi Feng. Feeling guilty, Zi Feng asks what he can do to make up for this. Easily Zhe Rui answers, give up Ya Nuo.

Nooo, you aren't really like that Zhe Rui! He's probably just saying that and in the next episode will say something like "Just kidding, punk'd" 

 For the next episode, Ya Nuo and Zi Feng are still together. (More evidence that Zhe Rui wasn't being serious)

They bathe JuBi together, "prepping for papa to come back" as Ya Nuo says. Getting jealous at the mention of Zhe Rui, Zi Feng flings water at Ya Nuo, distracting her, and starting an epic water fight.

 Na Na hurts her leg accidentally "tripping. "

Qing Yang obviously doesn't believe it's a simple tripping. She probably fainted again. 

Taking matters into his own hands, he moves into Na Na room, to take close care of her.

 Qing Yang makes her promise, if she goes out of the country to get treatment, let him come along too.

Happily, Na Na promises him.

Couldn't resist. Here's our all powerful mob boss... petty and jealous over another man and his dog. Pfft. Look at his face XD. 

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    1. Great Idea! Love around the world to our bromance gang (pun intended XD)