Monday, January 18, 2016

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 15 preview

Step by step, with the help of a crucial cuff link, we get closer to catching the culprit who tried to assassinate Pa Pa Du. 

The best part about this episode was when Feng Jie hilariously finds out about Zi Feng and Ya Nuo's relationship.

Even though she's adverse to their homosexual relationship she still invited Ya Nuo to take a family picture. Shyly, Ya Nuo declines saying it was supposed to be just their family.

But Feng Jie with her "Shuai Chi" responds, "Exactly, that's why you have to be in the picture" Ahh, Feng Jie, your the best!

That couples scarf they got- totally fits Zi Feng's mobster status lol.

In next episode news, expect to see more lovey dovey scenes. Zi Feng and Ya Nuo have an excursion in the country side when they get caught in the rain. Instead of running back to their car, they run to a small leaky shack to cuddle. 

 Ya Nuo, inheriting her superstitious genes from her parents, declares that if it continuously rains till tomorrow, then they will be together forever. 

Na Na is still sick but there's high hopes for her. She's having surgery so Qing Yang is doing everything he can to improve her success rate.

From sending up a wishing lantern....

to praying to deities.

Na Na looks a little skeptical... but it's the thought that counts!

Ah, really though, he's too sweet.

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