Sunday, December 13, 2015

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Recap Ep 8 preview

Moving on, next week, we see a jealous Hao Meng stalk Huan Zhen and Jiang Qian Yue as they shop in a department store. 

 Adding oil to fire, Jiang Qian Yue sees Hao Meng so he forcefully kisses Huan Zhen who doesn't look like she's enjoying it at all.

Hao Meng gets really upset and we see him sitting in his car as Huan Zhen asks him if he really thinks she's an easy women.

Jiang Qian Yue worriedly carries Sheng Nan princess style while Sheng Nan protests that she doesn't need to be carried. Dude, stop messing with Huang Zhen and just get together with Sheng Nan, you obviously really like her.

Sheng Nan professes her love for Jiang Qian Yue. She really really really likes him.

Huan Zhen gets ambushed out of nowhere by the guy who lost his divorce case against Hao Meng. We hear Hao Meng in the background, on the phone, ask what's going on.

The guy pours gasoline on her.

And he has a lighter...

So, is it just me or does anyone else thing Zhu Ma is awesome. She's my favorite character in this drama, hands down. I was rolling when she snuck into Hao Meng's office to put a spell on his plants then feed him food that was supposed to make him listen only to her daughter. Kids, just listen to Zhu Ma, she knows best.

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