Monday, December 7, 2015

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Recap Ep 7 preview

This week's episode ended on a sweet note with Hao Meng admitting that he doesn't just like Huan Zhen anymore, he's starting to fall in love with her.

Unfortunately, it's not a happily ever after yet. Next week, we see Huan Zhen beating Hao Meng up...

Zhu Ma (Huan Zhen's Mom) enthusiastically tells her to fight, steal, whatever it takes for her love. Don't worry about the consequences, Zhu Ma will take care of it.

We hilariously see her putting spells on more plants and feeding Hao Meng suspicious food. She is going to be such a great mother-in-law.

Hao Meng officially announces he's dating his uncle's ex-fiancee. But as expected, Mom and sister are definitely not happy. Mom says she would rather Hao Meng remained single for the rest of his life than be together with Huan Zhen.

Sheng Nan tells Huan Zhen "I lost to you ten years ago, this time, it won't happen again"

Qian Yue gives Sheng Nan his number. Don't take it! He's evil.

Huan Zhen spots Hao Meng and Sheng Nan together.

Knowing she's going to jump to conclusions, Hao Meng tells her not to be rash.

She slaps him, asking "Was that rash enough?"

*Sorry guys, I made a mistake last week but Sheng Nan is Hao Meng's sister and Huan Zhen is main the female lead. How I got it mixed up is a long story but I'm on the same page now. Cheers!

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