Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Recap Ep 10 preview

So the truth is out, Huan Zhen never dated Qian Yue, she was warning him to stay away from Sheng Nan and not to hurt her best friend aww. 

Sheng Nan confronts Qian Yue about this but he has his own version of the story. Who should Sheng Nan believe?

She ends up believing Qian Yue and goes back to hating Huan Zhen again. Girl, when are you going to learn? 

Hao Meng's mom sets him up on a blind date.

Huan Zhen tries to hide when Hao Meng's mom visits his apartment.

But somehow Hao Meng's mom still knows and warns her son to stay away from Huan Zhen or else.....

No worries, Zu Ma to the rescue. They just need to redirect Hao Meng Ma's energy somewhere else... like focus her attention on another guy.

Don't think it's a good idea because she bumps into Huan Zhen's dad. They are former sweethearts... not good.

Huan Zhen bumps into Hao Meng's blind date and they even buy the same tie for him.

I guarantee that Huan Zhen and Hao Meng will break up again in the next episode. There was a short clip of her walking past him too. Sigh, why can't we have one full episode where they are happily together. 

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