Thursday, December 31, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 8

Peng Peng gets called to accompany Qi Sheng to Jiang Bei. She goes privately with a guide Qi Sheng specifically chose.

Along the way, she bumps into Yang Yan who finds it fishy that they are traveling the opposite way of Jiang Bei and secretly follows them. 

Thankfully he did as the guide was really an assassin sent out to kill Peng Peng. Yang Yan holds off the assassin long enough so until Jiu Wang comes with the cavalry. But the whole situation was so stressful, Peng Peng faints so they bring her back to Jiu Wang's army base.

Jiu Wang interrogates the assassin and finds out that Qi Sheng sent him. Qi Sheng tried to kill his own wife! That's so awful, trying to kill your wife simply because she said your brother is more likeable. And he even said to speak freely last night and that he won't put it against her!

Qi Sheng arrives and Peng Peng, still super angry goes out to give him a piece of her mind about killing people when they are attacked by a third group sent by Zhao Wang. Tired of being cheated on and not knowing what else to do, Zhao Wang assembled his own group to kill Qi Sheng.

Quickly, Jiu Wang and Qi Sheng make eye contact and come to an unspoken agreement to fight against the masked people together.

Jiu Wang yells for Peng Peng to run away and she eventually complies as shes just a sitting duck against all those highly trained assassins.

Jiu Wang runs after her and Qi Sheng tries to follow up but his guards stop him for his own safety.

Jiu Wang catches up to Peng Peng just in time as the assassins are about to kill her, he saves her but is severely wounded. They end up escaping via a water route but Jiu Wang ends up fainting.

Thinking he drowned, Peng Peng starts to do CPR on him which is when he wakes up to this awkward scenario.

Every time there's a CPR scene I cringe because it's always totally wrong. Dramatization is important but come on- no one does CPR like that at least do some compressions. She's literally just kissing him, if he really did drown then he's a goner.

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