Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 6

The next day, Peng Peng tells Lu Li she had a great time last night and asks if they can continue when they go back to the palace. Giggling, Lu Li says they can keep at it if she wants.

On the way home, Peng Peng knowingly comments about Qi Cheng's huge hickey. He must have had a great night last night too. She starts imparting advice to him saying he shouldn't treat Jiang Si too well or else she will get spoiled.   

She has had so much experience, she can write a book. The world is too big for one girl, with his face and status, he can easily be with a different girl every night.

Angry though, Qi Cheng blows up and tells her to get out of the cart. 

Left on the curb, Lu Li asks what happened, they were so loving last night.

Wait, last night? Wasn't she with Lu Li?

Apparently, Qi Cheng was with her all night yesterday... not Lu Li. It all comes back to Peng Peng. He was the one who carried her back to her room.

Thoroughly traumatized, Peng Peng spends the next two days throwing up.

There's an upcoming soccer tournament to which Peng Peng automatically declines the invite and gives some bogus excuse saying she's sick,

But Qi Sheng catches on and personally trains Peng Peng every day, refusing to allow her to back out. Their night together certainly changed something... Now they are spending everyday together.

The day of the soccer tournament comes and Peng Peng scores the first goal.... into her own goal, lol. At least she can kick the ball now. Guess all that training sort of paid off?

They get heated into the game when Peng Peng tries to steal the ball from Jiang Si but then Jiang Si gets underhand and pulls her own clothes off. She immediately plays the hurt one and asks why Peng Peng would do something like that to her.

Peng Peng tries to explain that she didn't know what happened; she didn't do anything. But with her past record and Jiang Si's status as the mistress of her husband, no one believes her.

Qi Sheng automatically takes Jiang Si's side and starts blaming Peng Peng.

Seeing her in a hard spot, Jiu Wang takes Peng Peng's hand and leads her off the court. Still angry, Qi Sheng carries Jiang Si off the court even though Zhao Wang is right next to them.

Then Qi Sheng comes back and slaps Peng Peng in front of the entire court.

Dun Dun Dunnnnn... So much for progress between them.

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  1. Thank you so much for recapping this delightful drama. I've been watching it raw with only my imagination for understanding so I'm thrilled to finally know what was actually going own.

    Crown Prince deserved everything Peng Peng puts him through later on ... even though he's so hawt. Really. Like I think I have a crush on him :)

    Thanks again.

    1. No Prob! :D In the beginning I was like, who is this guy? But I get what you mean, he is hot XD Peng Peng is really pretty too. They used a lot of new people in this drama but the cast is really good. Pretty happy with how the drama is progressing. Just spent my last half hour pressing the refresh button to see if episode 24 is available but its not. They released several episodes out at once yesterday so there might be a haitus for a few days. sigh. Don't know what I'm going to do without my daily dose of Go Princess Go.

    2. Are you me, by any chance? I have a routine now. Every 15 min, check on maplestage to see if there's a new episode.

      I'm seriously obsessed, it's not even funny. Your recaps will make it so much better for me.

    3. Ha Ha that's me too alright. just checked still no new ep sigh

  2. I binged watch the series for the third time just because for the longest time I was confuse how Peng Peng got pregnant (I thought the scene in the episode above was a thought bubble imaginary kind of scene).