Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 5

Qi Cheng and Peng Peng visit her family together. Nervous because she didn't memorize the book of faces, Peng Peng tells Qi Cheng to take care of her.

Jiang Si shows up, turns out she came from Peng Peng's family too. Her parents died early so Peng Peng's family has been taking care of her. But it's obvious she's doesn't have the same status as Peng Peng. 

Peng Peng's mom makes Jiang Si kneel in front of their ancestors and insinuates that she needs to be punished for having an underground relationship with Qi Cheng.

Qi Cheng arrives and automatically tries to help Jiang Si but Peng Peng's mom tells him to butt out, it's family business. 

Luckily, Peng Peng also shows up. Her man soul couldn't bear to see a poor girl be bullied like that so she starts to put in good words for her. Peng Peng's mom relents but tells Qi Cheng to stay back.  

Secretly, Lu Li tells Peng Peng that years ago, there was another cheating couple in the family. Peng Peng's mom found out at killed them.

Hearing that, Peng Peng runs to save Qi Cheng. She pushes his tea out of his hand and puts her hand on his face to shut him up when he asks if she lost her mind. "You don't need to thank me so quickly" She says. Ha.

Alone with her mom, Peng Peng tells her mom not to be rash, Killing the crown prince is punishable by death, no matter how powerful their family is. Her mom chokes and says that's not what she was going to do and explains that the cheating couples story is a misunderstanding, they actually died of food poisoning, she didn't have anything to do with it. lol.

On a serious note, Peng Peng Ma tells her she needs to work harder to keep her status as crown princess. She needs to make a royal baby to stabilize her position.

 Ever since he traveled to the past, Peng Peng has only wanted to eat, sleep and play with no stress. The idea of sleeping with Qi Cheng makes her start gagging, let alone the idea of having a kid, she is actually a he way down inside.

Qi Cheng comments on how Peng Peng is indeed like a different person. He stoicly thanks her for helping Jiang Si and smartly guesses that she ran into his meeting with her mom because she thought he was in danger. Her actions are starting to incur his interest... much to Peng Peng's dismay.

That night, Peng Peng downs one shot of wine after another. The weight of time traveling and changing gender really hit home today with her mom's interaction. The idea of having a kid with Qi Cheng sickens her so much, she wants to literally throw up every time he bumps into her.

She gets so drunk she tells Lu Li she wants to sleep with her. And she does exactly that.

Or does she..,...

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