Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 4

After getting caught spying, Qi Cheng orders Peng Peng to be grounded to her room and she can only eat vegetarian food. 

One night, a young man sneaks into Peng Peng's room. He's Yang Yan, Jiu Wang's good friend and also the man who alerted Peng Peng to Qi Cheng and Jiang Si's midnight rendezvous. Knowing that she's been lacking protein for days, he brings a roasted chicken as a peace offering. Still angry at him for being a busy body which in turn made her her miss out on meat for so many days, Peng Peng force feeds him his favorite pudding until he gets diarrhea.

The next day, still grounded at home, Peng Peng is bored out of her wits so she takes her servant, Lu Li, by the hand and starts dancing with her.

It causes such a big uproar that Qi Cheng goes to see what is going on. Seeing her dance in such a strange way, Qi Cheng smartly comes to a conclusion that something is wrong with his wife.

That night, he tells Peng Peng they will go visit her family. Nervous, Peng Peng quickly answers that they don't need to go, she's part of the Qi family now, it's not necessary. That sounds more alarms as Qi Cheng brings out a book and tells her to name the person in the book. She can't answer so he plainly tells her... that's your mom.

Peng Peng tries to deflect saying her head hurts but he easily sees through her and tells her to give him an adequate answer in three days.

Three days come and go with Peng Peng having nightmares of telling different stories but each time he sees right through her and she ends up being tortured.

Figuring the truth is the way to go, Peng Peng arrives with a peace offering, a durian and tells the truth- minus the important part of her really being a man.

Thoughtful, Qi Cheng lets her go and Jiang Si comes out from hiding in the back. She recommends that they get a taoist to cast a spell on her. There was a similar story of that happening to another girl in another country and in the end her husband dies. Jiang Si warns Qi Cheng to be careful.

That night,a giggly Lu Li tells Peng Peng to wear a seductive dress. Thinking that Lu Li had something special planned *wink* *wink* Peng Peng eagerly wears the dress and waits thinking she and Lu Li were going to finally get it on.... only for Qi Cheng to show up. He's awed by how beautiful she looks but when she turns around he quickly puts his stern face back on and tells her to change out of that dress. Dismayed that it's not Lu Li ,Peng Peng squabbles with Qi Cheng and happily changes.

The purpose of his trip is to re-teach her everything about former herself. He shows her a picture of a woman and asks if she remembers who the lady is. Peng Peng responds, this lady looks so old she must be post menopausal, and her eyes are so tiny she must be her servant.

"It's your mom!" Qi Cheng says, loosing patience. "I just showed this one to you the other day"

"Sorry, I have face blindness syndrome" Peng Peng says jokingly.

Not amused, Qi Sheng shows her a picture of a man so Peng Peng immediately guesses it's her dad... it's her cousin. Rofl XD

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  1. actually, lian mang zheng is "face blindness". It is a real syndrome and its scientific name is prosopagnosia. she's still totally lying though, lol

    1. can't believe it's a real thing! thanks for telling me XD