Monday, December 28, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 Recap Ep 3

Getting bored of the women in the palace, Peng Peng goes incognito to a brothel. She purposely leaves her servant at home saying she's too girly, even in guy clothes it's too obvious. It's different for Peng Peng, she's a man on the inside now. She will give off a manly chi.

Of course, once she gets to the brothel, the mamasan immediately sees right through her and asks if she's looking for a cheating husband. Pfft.

Peng Peng eventually gets what she wants and happily gets very drunk.

So drunk, she forgets she is no longer a man and walks into the wrong bathroom.

Embarrassed, she quickly runs away without saying more than a quick sorry.

Qi Cheng is finally allowed to come back from Jiang Bei. He sweetly helps Peng Peng to her seat and even pours a cup of wine for her. Sensing something is up, Peng Peng asks him if global warming melted his ice heart. Qi Cheng responds that he's only being nice in front of the empress so he doesn't get sent back to Jiang Bei.

Zhao Wang is also present with Jiang Si. Seeing his get up, Peng Peng quietly signals for him to take off his green hat (in Chinese, wearing a green hat is another way of saying your wife is cheating on you) but he takes it as a compliment and even starts talking about how good the quality of the hat is.

The empress agrees and asks for another one to be made for Qi Cheng. Pfft.

Jiu Wang arrives and all the concubines and maids swoon at his handsomeness. Peng Peng scrambles instead to hide herself. It's the same man she bumped into in the wrong bathroom- Qi Cheng's brother.

Recognizing her, Jiu Wang asks her for a drink to which Peng Peng happily gives but Qi Cheng stops him saying he will drink for her... jealous much?

They end up in a drinking competition where Jiu Wang drinks way too much and ends up in the woman's bathroom. Peng Peng catches him in the bathroom and they agree to forget about bumping into each other in such awkward places. Jiu Wang asks why she was at the brothel but Peng Peng smartly bites back and asks what he was doing there. Jiu Wang tries to explain that he only went to the brothel for business but Peng Peng just smirks knowingly, for men's business, she understands.

Peng Peng travels into the woods at night thinking Lu Li, her servant. was going to meet her there for a date in the forest. How romantic. Instead she bumps into a young man and learns that it was him who tricked her out to the woods, Lu Li never sent the note, it was him. He quickly shushs her and points into the darkness.

They see Qi Cheng and Jiang Si meeting in secret. Jiang Si tells Qi Cheng he acts different towards Peng Peng nowadays. Qi Cheng answers that he is nice to her only in front of the empress. Someone really doesn't want to go back to Jiang Bei.

Qi Cheng catches Peng Peng spying on them and asks what she is doing there. She responds "if I said I was just enjoying the moon today, would you believe me?" At that moment, it starts to thunder. Pfft, Great day to view the moon.

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