Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 (2015)

Genre: Time travel, Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance

Airing: 1 episode daily

Episodes: 35


Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when he's trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he's traveled a thousand years into the past but that's not even the biggest problem, he woke up as the crown princess, Zhang Peng Peng, of the dynasty. Hilarity ensues as Peng weighs between trying to get back to his time and leveraging his new female identity to seduce all the concubines and women he can. Did I forget to mention the hot crown prince and his equally handsome brother the 9th prince, who eventually fall in love with her.

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And I made a parody video: Go Princess Go- Kiwi Trailer
Hope you guys like it :]

Only watched three episodes but I've already decided to recap this drama. It is a time travel comedy-  I was sold from the beginning. There is an interesting gender bender twist where it's a guy who travels back in time and he ends up as a girl. So far it's been pretty funny watching him flounder about, unable to accept the fact that his manly bits are lost forever. I've been looking up info about the drama but there isn't much in English yet. (tell me if you guys have any information please! I would love to know how many episodes there will be). I do know that this is a web drama based off of a novel and they added a more comedy to the drama. Each episode only runs for about 25 minutes but there is an episode aired daily so I hope to have a recap up daily :D

Spoiler Pictures:

Spoiler Plot Warning!!
I'm all the way to Episode 23 now.Peng Peng gets pregnant and gave birth to a prince. Yes, she slept with the crown prince already. Pretty early actually, around episode 5. She's the empress now too. Qi Sheng likes her but she doesn't like him because he sent an assassin after her. She treats Jiu Wang like a good brother because he saved her from said assassins.

Now she's in a strange love triangle with Jiu Wang and Qi Sheng who both love her and she doesn't like any of them but she keeps a good relationship with them because she wants to keep living her life. Zhao Wang marries Lu Li and they fall in love. Qi Sheng keeps Jiang Si by his side so that he can try to make Peng Peng jealous. And it looks like its working.

Peng Peng forms an underground alliance with Jiu Wang, Yang Yan and Zhao Wang. Originally, she was going to overthrow Qi Sheng with Jiu Wang but since she had a kid, her plans were dashed since if Jiu Wang became king, her son would be a threat to him. Jiu Wang, with his never dying love for Peng Peng decides to listen to her. Now she just keeps her alliance and tries to keep on the good side of everyone.

Eventually, she's supposed to fall in love with Qi Sheng (surprise, surprise) who loves her too. It also looks like Jiu Wang decides to revolt eventually but they don't prevail and get caught.

Recaps are being updated as soon as I write them. So soon guys soon!  


  1. Hi, ...

    I have just watch Go Princess Go ep 01, and thanks to your recap, I can understand what this episode is about (^^) since I don't understand Chinese at all.
    I agree that this drama is very very fun to watch.
    I know I don't understand what they talking about, but just look at the princess expression. It's very interesting ...
    Wish you can continue to recap the next episode too (or maybe give us a little bit detail summary if you have some time (^^)).

    Oh, do you also like time travel drama?
    If so, there are some web drama also, such as Tang Dynasty Good Man (2 seasons, but only season 1 that have eng sub) and Concubinage Record (but still no eng sub).

    And once again, thank u very much for the recap ep 01

    1. Hi Windy!! I absolutely love love love time travel dramas, my favorite is Step into the Past. I wrote about other time travel dramas here: http://www.dramakiwi.com/2015/09/top-time-travel-chinese-dramas.html if you are interested :D and all of them have been subbed into English.

      There's still only ten episodes out for Go Princess Go so far. Hoping to get up to episode 5 recapped today :) and Thanks for your feedback! It's always good to hear back, I will most definitely put more detail in the next recaps :)

  2. Thank you for the intro and recaps! They're hilarious! Does he become more like a woman as time goes on? I'm gonna check it out after all the episodes have been shown. ^_^

    1. He does! Hopefully that will be soon, supposedly theres only 3 episodes left so we shouldn't need to wait too long XD

  3. any suggestion about where to find English subtitle ?????
    I can't find it any where 0T^T)0

    1. Dont think it exists yet, I'm looking everywhere too but haven't seen any subs out for it yet

    2. let's put in a request to get it subbed on viki: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

    3. Submitted :] Hope they do it soon

    4. O.o I think it's an individual submission each time (my first time doing this) please put in submissions if you guys want it subbed too <3

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  5. Just watch the ending, ep 35, What just happened??? I'm so confused

    1. IDK. I still waiting for subtitle... it just 16 ep out with thai subtitle :(

  6. This is the best drama I've seen in 2 years! Funny and really used a lot of new ways to tell the story. I've seen all the episodes, there are two versions of endings, but in my opinions, they all are not good endings. Rumors said the producer may use her own money to support the crew to shoot a third version(hopefully a happy ending)

  7. People are seriously not getting this drama. It is way more than some silly comedy. I cannot believe the brutal honesty, and the idealistic sides of youth shown and well too many things that seem to be flying over the top of all those kids watching this. It has some pretty deep stuff going on. Don't underestimate this one folks.
    I heard it was low budget, well that matters NONE because they actually made this funnel even more focus on the message. plus the imagination that went into these costumes, sets and all was amazing. super intense. funny, terrifying in the extreme. I rate this in my top five drama experiences of all time.