Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 12 preview

Feeling really guilty about not telling Zi Feng about her secret, Ya Nuo gets ready to finally tell Zi Feng.

In the preview, we see Zi Feng smile sweetly when he gets a text while Zi Han and Feng Jie look on curiously, What could make Zi Feng smile like that hmm,,,,

Meanwhile, while he's reading that text, Ya Nuo says in a voiceover "Zi Feng, I'm a girl, a real girl from head to toe and I love you"

Aww finally!!! Now my only question is does she really tell him or is this a big tease where she just writes down what she wants to say and doesn't tell him but we hear the voice over because she's writing. I mean, the last preview scene is her siting at home in her pjs at her desk- the only thing we see her do there is write.

And if she does really tell him was it via text? That would be horribly wrong, no one successfully confesses through text and I'm pretty sure Zi Feng's reaction wouldn't be a happy smile if he did get a text like that. It would probably be a what is going on, is he drunk texting me kind of reaction lol.

My hopes is that she tells him in the beginning of the next episode while they are still at the swings and they get together which is why he is in such a good mood. I swear directors, if you make this a she writes it all down and the whole preview was just a tease, I would feel inclined to go to Taiwan and personally tell you not to toy with avid viewers like that.

Sorry guys there was no preview last week because I just couldn't write a recap with literally nothing to go on, she was just crying the whole ten seconds with Zi Feng holding her. -_-'

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