Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 10 preview

Zi Feng forgets his house keys and Zi Han and Feng Jie are out of the country so Ya Nuo goodheartedly tells Zi Feng he can stay at her house for the night.

They playfully get into a pillow fight where they get caught up in the moment... and that's the end of episode 9. What a cliffhanger. 

Will they really kiss at that moment? 

I highly doubt it because in the preview for episode 10 (which only has one scene) Ya Nuo and Zi Feng are about the kiss again. This time they are outside and wearing different clothes so it looks like it's a different day. Ya Nuo has her eyes closed and they are only an inch apart. In the last moment, Zi Feng changes his mind. He turns away and starts to leave but Ya Nuo confidently pulls him back and kisses him. You go girl! 

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