Sunday, November 29, 2015

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Recap Ep 6 preview

In the next episode, we finally see Jiang Qian Yue. Arriving in style, he almost runs over Sheng Nan who hilariously does a 180 and runs off when she sees him.

He also meets up with Huan Zhen and asks if she's still mad... (assuming it's about what happened when they were in college which led up to the big fight between Sheng Nan and Huan Zhen.) 

Still in denial, Hao Meng says he doesn't like Huan Zhen that much. And even if he did, it's a mistake.... all the while, happily frolicking with her in a field of flowers.

Ex- Fiancee comes back asking for forgiveness and another chance. Pretty sure it's not going to happen buddy. 

 And last but not least..... Huan Zhen ultimately decides to break up with Hao Meng.

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Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 8 preview

Get ready for more cutesy, bromancy moments my peeps. Episode 8 looks like there will be more focus on the love triangle involving Zi Feng-Ya Nuo-Zhe Rui.

Back at the amusement park, Ya Nuo develops a slight cough. Worriedly, Zhe Rui feels her forehead for a temperature. 

Rather stalkerishly, we see Zi Feng watching them rather unhappily in the background. 

Later on, Zi Feng invites Ya Nuo over for a lunch date. He offers Ya Nuo some of his food.

Then he eats the rest of it from the same spoon. Innocently, Ya Nuo inwardly wonders if that would be considered an indirect kiss. 

Zi Feng gently helps Ya Nuo wipe her mouth.

Cutely, Ya Nuo asks if there's anything on the other side and if he can help her wipe it off too.

Zi Feng invites Zhe Rui to his office for a "chat" He remembers that Zhe Rui once told him there was a person he liked from when he was a child. And he was waiting to confess. Not beating around the bush, he asks if that person is Ya Nuo. 

Dun Dun Dunnn..... how will Zhe Rui respond to that?

There's also a short scene with Xiao Jing and Ya Nuo where Xiao Jing comments on how Zi Feng treats her so well already when he thinks she is a guy. Think of how he will treat her when he knows she's a girl. Happy to hear that, Ya Nuo sneaks a smile.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dating Factory 剩斗士的店 2015

Episodes: 20

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Modern, Rom Com

Chen Guo (Su Yan) is a modern day, single woman, who has been evading and sabotaging blind dates that her mother set up for her while waiting for her boyfriend to come back from overseas. One day, she comes upon Fei Fei's (Zhang \Yi Xin) love shop where people go to deposit their love tokens and essentially bury their love. There she meets Bai Yu (Jiang Qi Lin) a mysterious man who came back from overseas and Li Si Ming (Gao Hao), an IT expert. After a series of events, the unlikely quadruplets decide to revamp Fei Fei's store and become a dating agency. They charge a steep fee of $100,000 but guarantee success or your money back. Together they tackle anything from social dating norms to fervent stalkers.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 7 preview

Unfortunately, this week, there's only two sneak peek scenes hinting at what will happen in the next episode.

Zi Feng contemplates to himself about his feelings for Ya Nuo. Even though they are sworn brothers, there is opportunity for them to be something more.

Alone in his room, he practices confessing to Ya Nuo. 

Even though he was the one to teach Ya Nuo how to tie a tie, he still cutely gets her to help him put one on.

Teasingly, he tells her to flap down his collar as well. She gets on her tippy toes to get close enough when he suddenly lowers his head! Is he going to kiss her???

Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 (2015)

Episodes: 15

Genre: Modern, Romance, Comedy


Cai Huan Zhen (Alice Ke) is a power woman who will do anything to be successful, be it in her career or love life. In college, she had a misunderstanding with her best friend, Hao Sheng Nan (Joanne Tseng) which leads to years of rivalry between the two. In their latest feud, Sheng Nan goes too far and ends up destroying Huan Zhen's wedding. Vowing revenge, Huan Zhen steads Sheng Nan's "boyfriend" (who is really Sheng Nan's brother), Hao Meng, a divorce lawyer who is emotionally scarred from his legal battles. Will this revenge ploy fall through? Perhaps Huan Zhen will fall in love instead? What happens when Hao Meng finds out it's all been for revenge?

Alice Ke
Roy Chiu
Joanne Tseng

Episode 6 preview
Episode 7 preview

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 2

Embarrassed, Ya Nuo runs off. Xiao Jing catches her alone but when she asks about the kiss, Ya Nuo brushes it off. 

As proof she kisses Xiao Jing. 

Later in the night, Zi Feng looks for Ya Nuo. At first it's awkward but as brothers, they end up brushing off the kiss and all is well again.

Xiao Jing won a cruise trip with her company so she brings Ya Nuo on vacation. Coincidentally, Zi Feng and his family are cruising on the same ship.

Zi Feng takes them on a tour of his room. Seeing Xiao Jing like it so much, he offers to swap rooms. Ya Nuo refuses, but Xiao Jing whole heartedly agrees in his stead,

Jealous that Xiao Jing will be spending the night with "her Ya Nuo." Zi Han gets friendly with Xiao Jing to get her drunk. They get so smashed that when Zi Feng and Ya Nuo get back to their suite, the two girls are out like a light. Well, Xiao Jing is out for real. Zi Han pretends to be asleep so that when Ya Nuo tries to move her, she takes advantage of the situation and wraps her arms around Ya Nuo. It Ya Nao so much strength to pull away that she injures her herself when she slams into a wall from the momentum.

Giving up, Zi Feng tells Ya Nuo to sleep in his room. Ya Nuo vehemently refuses so Zi Feng invites her to try and move Zi Han again.

Faced with the impossible, Ya Nuo reluctantly agrees.

Left alone, Zi Han gets up and is scared crazy when Xiao Jing gets up too. Unfortunately, Xiao Jing is so drunk she lets out the secret that Ya Nuo is her cousin and they aren't together.

Alone, Qing Yang settles down to make coffee when a girl jumps out of nowhere and sniffs his cup of coffee.

She correctly guesses that it's blue mountain and uses her puppy eyes to ask for a cup of it. 

Absolutely unaffected, Qing Yang says no. 

The girl doesn't back down though and starts telling her sad story that this is her last vacation and that she has a terminal disease. 

This makes Qing Yang pause. 

Taking advantage of the pause, the girl quickly thanks him for the coffee and gulps it all down. 

Alone in Zi Feng's room. Ya Nuo nervously sits at the edge of the bed. Seeing her so nervous, Zi Feng teasingly backs her up against a wall. Getting the wrong idea Ya Nuo sputters out "I thought you only like women"

Laughing, Zi Feng says he does only like women so he doesn't need to worry.

Ya Nuo cutely tries to put a pillow in between them as sort of a barrier. Needless to say, it gets thrown off the bed immediately. She sleeps at the edge of the bed, farthest away from Zi Feng and finally falls into a restless sleep.

Halfway thru the night, Zi Feng wakes up to find Ya Nuo all wrapped up around him. So much for staying away from him as much as possible. He tries to pry Ya Nuo off of him, but she just keeps putting her arms and legs back around him. Giving up, Zi Feng just falls back asleep.

In the morning, they gather around for breakfast and Zi Han immediately breaks out the news she found out. Ya Nuo and Xiao Jing are cousins! They quickly deny it but Zi Han has a video of Xiao Jing's confession taped on her phone. Zi Han says she has even more footage and begins to play another video.

Fearing that it could be a video about Ya Nuo's real gender, Xiao Jing fights for the phone but in the process, Ya Nuo gets pushed into the pool,

Breakfast drama finished, Ya Nuo heads to their room to shower. At the same time, Zi Feng remembers that he has an extra copy of the room key. He goes to their room to deliver it when Ya Nuo, who thinks its Xiao Jing, calls out for a towel.

She is so surprised to see Zi Feng she almost drops the towel. Luckily after all of that, Zi Feng still does not realize she is a girl.

Xiao Jing asks to accompany Zi Feng and Feng Jie on their excursion but they politely decline.

It's the anniversary of when Zi Feng's dad disappeared. Every year they make the trip out and pay tribute to him.

Back in Taiwan, Zi Feng shows Ya Nuo his secret spot. It's the same spot we saw in the first episode in the beginning when Zi Feng swears to take care of his family.

He tells Ya Nuo about a little girl who saved him when he was drowning when he was a little kid.

Hmm.... I wonder who that kid is....

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Bromance 愛上哥們 Recap Ep 1

Years ago, a little boy was left at a temple to fend for himself. He heroically saves Du Guang Zhu, a triad leader from an assassination. Seeing courage and kindness in the child, Du Guang Zhu adopts him and gives him a new start with a new name, Du Zi Feng.   

Fast forward to current times, Du Guang Zhu is gone and Zi Feng is left to take over the triad. Before taking over the mantle, Zi Feng tells his adopted father in the heavens not to worry, he will take care of his mom, sister and all the members of the triad.

On the other side is Pi Ya Nao. a sickly little infant girl. Her highly superstitious parents quickly bring her to a fortune teller and demand to know why she is so weak. Before, he had said their child would be strong, smart and lead a wonderful life.

The fortune teller responds, "That's because you told me it was going to be a boy! Now that she's a girl it's totally opposite, her life is not going to be good.... or long."

Hearing that his child is going to die, dad angrily jumps over the desk and attempts to strangle the quack fortune teller.

Quickly, the fortune teller spits out a solution. Switch up the ying and yang, have her live as a boy for the next 26 years and then she can become a girl again.

25 Years later, our heroine has grown up safely. No longer sickly, she's a skilled martial artist who can easily beat down black belts. She operates a hot dog truck outside an amusement park. Famous for her hot looks and gentlemanly personality, girls flock to her stall every day to confess in hopes of being her girlfriend.

Her good friend, Guang Chao, teasingly says he's the only guy who can reject girls but they will still thank him and run off squealing at how handsome he is.

Down the street, Zi Feng nearly gets into a car accident with a guy riding a bicycle. He stops in time and gets out to see if the bicyclist is ok but it's an ambush. The bicyclist starts to attack him and ten more guys show up.

At first, Zi Feng fends them off easily. Ya Nuo watches from her hot dog stand in interest as she recognizes some of the mixed martial arts moves.

Zi Feng beat half of them to the ground and is about to deliver another blow, but falters seeing that his opponent's already down. The other 5 take advantage of the moment and attack him together.

Seeing the tide turn and unable to sit back and watch such an unfair fight, Ya Nuo runs out to help him.

Guang Chao peeps out that it's Du Zi Feng, the triad leader. It'll be messy if he goes out but it falls on deaf ears as Ya Nuo is already gone.

The bad guys tell Ya Nuo to mind his own business and scram.

"When it's so many against one, it's automatically my business. So let's fight or you can scram" Ya Nuo responds cooly.

The bad guys rush ahead but Ya Nuo and Zi Feng easily fight them off, throwing one round house kick after another and the unknown men end up running off.

A man of few words, Zi Feng thanks Ya Nuo for helping him. He buys all their hot dogs and asks them to follow him to his office.

In the waiting room, Ya Nuo wonders why Zi Feng brought them there. Guang Chao says not to worry, they helped him so they wont end up dead under the river somewhere. Eyeing him weirdly, Ya Nuo says he's making him sound like some sort of mafia person. Guang Chao discreetly tells him Zi Feng is actually part of the triad, a triad leader in fact. Unaffected, Ya Nuo just says "oh"

Hearing their conversation, Zi Feng walks up and offers them a contract, they can sell their hot dogs inside the amusement park, that way, they won't be ticketed by the police and sales will increase- all with free rent in gratitude of Ya Nuo helping him out just now.

Ya Nuo tells him they can't take this contract, helping him wasn't a big deal.

Paying back those who help him, is what he lives by, Zi Feng says.

"Living and doing what I want to do without needing pay back is my way of life" Ya Nuo says back. "So thank you but I can't take the contract."

Getting serious Zi Feng goes head to head with Ya Nuo. "So you are rejecting me now?"

Ya Nuo calmly replies" Correct" and leaves.

Scared sick in the background, Guang Chao says"Don't mind Ya Nuo...... He's drunk" and quickly runs off after Ya Nuo.

Left in his office alone, Zi Feng smirks.

Outside the office, Feng Jie (Zi Feng's mom) nags her daughter, Zi Han about finding a boyfriend. No amount of spa treatments are going to work as well as being in a heated romance.

"All the guys are 2D, No decide and too demand"  Zi Han says.

"Don't stereotype all men, your brother isn't like that" Feng Jie responds.

"Others can't compare to my brother. Even if they are handsome, they are only second compared to him"

Out of nowhere, a run away horse dashes down the road.

Stuck in the middle of the road, Zi Han is about to become road kill when Ya Nuo quickly pulls her out of harms way.

"Are you ok?" Ya Nuo asks.

Enraptured, Zi Han just stares into Ya Nuo's eyes.

Excited, Feng Jie tells Zi Feng who just showed up, "Your sister's found her next target"

Grateful and wanting to keep this great catch for her daughter, Feng Jie drags Ya Nuo to dinner where she methodically ropes Ya Nuo into being Zi Feng's sworn brother. Riding on his sincere heart, Feng Jie tells Ya Nuo that because of their background, Zi Feng has had to keep to himself and hasn't had any real friends.

Reflecting on herself and understanding the feeling of loneliness, Ya Nuo agrees.

To make it official, they become sworn brothers in front of Guang Gong and even cut their hands to mix their blood and drink it.

Now that Ya Nuo is part of the family, Zi Feng invites him to Feng Jie's birthday party in a few days.

Getting home, Ya Nuo's parents cutely celebrate and remind her that there's only 99 days until her 26th birthday.

She tells them it's ok, she's used to being a guy. The idea of becoming a girl feels weird.

Her mom quickly puts a stop to this thought."You're originally a girl" She says. Plus, she's had so many dreams of taking her daughter out on shopping sprees and wearing a mother daughter matching outfit.

The next day, Wei Qing Yang, Zi Feng's good friend, notes that he's in a very good mood.

"I have a new sworn brother. He saved my sister yesterday so now it's their excuse to keep meeting him"

Qing Yang acutely notes "If you didn't want to do it, even if Feng Jie forced you, you wouldn't have done it"

The next day, Zi Feng shows up to bring Ya Nuo to the party. He meets Pi Ma and Pi Ba (Ya Nuo's parents) who become concerned when they hear Ya Nuo became sworn brothers with him.
Pegging their worry to his background, Zi Feng reassures them that he will take good care of Ya Nuo.

At the party, Zi Han meets Xiao Jing (Ya Nuo's cousin, aka girl deflector) but doesn't get her hopes down. Feng Jie urges her on, saying the Du Family doesn't take no for an answer. The more she fights for him, the more it shows her love.

Alone, Xiao Jing says Du Zi Feng isn't the same from other men. Confused, Ya Nuo asks how? He has one nose and two eyes, just like other people.

"Don't you feel his overwhelming manly pheromones? Doesn't it make your little girlly heart pound?" Xiao Jing asks.

"I'm don't have that mechanism installed" Ya Nuo quickly responds.

At that time, a waitress hands Xiao Jing a card with a 43 on it, saying every woman on site is given a number for an upcoming event. The waitress stops to check out Ya Nuo who misreads her and says "I'm a guy"

"I know" the waitress says. "and a very hot one"

Drinking too much, Xiao Jing excuses herself to the bathroom and gives her card to Ya Nuo.

Turns out that card is used to choose Zi Feng's first dance partner, lucky number 43,

Embarrassed, Ya Nuo tries to hide, but Guang Chao innocently sees it and alerts everyone.

Left with no choice, Ya Nuo dances with Zi Feng. All goes well until Xiao Jing comes back,

Seeing her chance, Xiao Jing gets close to the couple and "accidentally" bumps into Ya Nuo who falls forward....and kisses Zi Feng!

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