Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Fixer 拆局專家 (2015)


Rating: 9

Episodes: 21

Genre: Drama, Action, Family, Modern

     Szeto Sam Ping (Chin Ka Lok) and Lui Lui (Mandy Wong) operate a group of problem solvers where for the right price they can get rid of any issue. On one of their cases, Sam Ping bumps into his police man brother, Mak Hung Chik (Benjamin Yuen) but manages to escape. Estranged for many years, Sam Ping planned to leave again but his mother's health declines and he stays back to take care of her. 
     Lui Lui is the daughter of a wealthy business woman but because of strong personalities and differing views, they are never on the right terms. At the same time, an unknown entity embroils them in problems and ultimately plots to take over Lui  Lui's mother's company.   

Mandy Wong
Chin Ka Lok

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