Monday, October 26, 2015

Bromance 愛上哥們 (2015)

Episodes: 20

Genre: Modern, Romance, Gender Bender


"She must live as a man until her 26th birthday or else she will die." Following the fortune teller's advice, Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) has grown up to become a kind and healthy man. Her handsome face and aloof personality sends flocks of girls confessing everyday. Used to her life as a man,she even tells her parents it's ok if she stays a man after her 26th birthday.  

One day, she comes upon Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen) a triad leader with "ultimate manly pheromones." She saves him when he was being ambushed and inadvertently becomes his sworn brother. They grow close but with only 99 days until her 26th birthday, can she keep her identity a secret? Will he bring out the girl in her? Or is this the event that will bring her last 25 years of hiding to light and ultimately her death? 

Megan Lai
Baron Chen


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