Monday, September 28, 2015

Under the Veil - 無雙譜

Status: Incomplete

Genre: Romance, Drama, Period, Royalty

Episodes: 20


This star studded drama is a compilation of three separate folk stories. A major twist is that each story has an actress portraying different characters.  

In the first story, Changing Pins, a set of fraternal twins fall in love with different people. The older male twin (Kristal Tin) , a general, has a romance with a prince while the younger female twin (also played by Kristal Tin) falls in love with a poor scholar.

The second story, Judge Lu, is about a poor scholar (Wayne Lai) who is in love with his wife (Sonija Kwok) but gets bored with his life and has an affair with a prostitute (also played by Sonija Kwok)

In the last story, Chasing Fish, a fish spirit and rich girl (both played by Eliza Sam) chase after a scholar (Bosco Wong).  


Wayne Lai
Sonija Kwok
Kristal Tin
Eliza Sam
Bosco Wong

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