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Best Time Travel Chinese Dramas

Step Into the Past 尋秦記 (2001)

Rating: 10

Episodes: 40

Genre: Ancient, Romance, Drama, Martial Arts

Summary:  Louis Koo plays Hong Siu Long, a special agent who travels to the past as an experiment. He over shoots and lands years further into the past than targeted. He needs to live in the past until the targeted time so he can get back to his own time period. In this time, he planned to live in anonymity but destiny has other plans and he gets involved with several key figures which may change the course of history.

This is a classic! Growing up, I watched and re-watched this drama numerous times. It just never got old. The cast is very strong with Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan and Raymond Lam playing leading roles. They bring a perfect mix of comedy, seriousness and romance throughout the drama. Louis Koo especially; he is very funny and consistently brings in the " 21st century smarts" references. Highly recommended!

Startling by Each Step 步步驚心 (2012) 

Rating: 9.5

Episodes: 35

Genre: Ancient, Romance, Drama, Royalty

After getting into an accident, Zhang Xiao, a 21st century woman, ends up in a coma. Her soul travels to the past into her past reincarnation, Rou Xi. She tries to get home but nothing worked and eventually she comes to terms that she may not get back. She becomes close with the royal family even being romantically involved with Yin Si, the eighth prince. Using her knowledge of the future, (in which she knows Yin Si dies) she tries to run away with him. But this is the pebble that starts a chain of events leading history as we know it today.

Based off a novel, this drama has a very well seasoned leading cast with Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu and Keven Cheng. The series felt much more serious compared to other time travel dramas but at the same time, it made Rui Xi's love and sacrifices all the more gut wrenching and realistic. If you're more interested in a realistic time traveling drama, this is the one!

Palace 宮鎖心玉 (2011)

Rating: 9.5

Episodes: 35

Genre: Ancient, Romance, Drama, Royalty

Luo Ching Quan is a normal girl who accidentally travels to the past. Knowing whats going to happen, she initially sides with the 4th prince but she ends up falling in love with the 8th prince even though she knows of his doomed fate. Can she change the past to save themselves? Can she get back to the future?

Although the concept is very similar to Startling by Each Step, the feel of this drama is a lot lighter. After this drama aired, the cast gained a lot of popularity and many of them are A-listers now including Yang Mi and Feng Xiao Feng.

Naughty Princess 調皮王妃 (2015)


Rating: 9

Episodes: 40

Genres: Romance, Drama, Royalty, Period, Comedy

Summary: Yin Qin Rou (Yolanda Deng) is a normal woman who gets thrown into the past and lands on a prince (literally). Suspicious of her origins, the prince, Xie Yan Qi (Miao Yun Tong), keeps her captive. Slowly, her 21 century attitude and disregard for authority changes him and he begins to fall in love with her.


There's a good balance of comedy and seriousness in this one. Plenty of modern vs ancient times references. The actresses and actors are new but there is good chemistry between them. 

 Go Princess Go  太子妃升職記 (2015)

Rating: 10

Genre: Time travel, Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance

Airing: 1 episode daily


Zhang Peng is a playboy hits his head as he falls into a pool when he's trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he's travels a thousand years into the past but that's not even the biggest problem, he also wakes up as the crown princess of the dynasty. Hilarity ensues as Peng weighs between trying to get back to his time and leveraging his new female identity to seduce all the concubines and women he can.

Only watched three episodes but I've already decided to recap this drama. It has the time travel factor and it's a comedy. I was sold from the beginning. There is an interesting gender bender twist where it's a guy who travels back in time and he ends up as a girl. So far it's been pretty funny watching him flounder about, unable to accept the fact that his manly bits are lost forever. I've been looking up info about the drama but there isn't much in English yet. (tell me if you guys have any information please! I would love to know how many episodes there will be). I do know that this is also based off of a novel although they added a lot more comedy to the drama. Each episode only runs for about 25 minutes but there is an episode aired daily so I hope to have a recap up daily :D

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26
Episode 27
Episode 28
Episode 29
Episode 30
Episode 31
Episode 32
Episode 33
Episode 34
Episode 35 End 

Watched them all already? No problem, here's some other recommendations:

The Myth 神话 (2010)
The Holy Pearl 女娲传说之灵珠 (2011)
Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國 (2012)
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 九五至尊 (2001)
The Tang Dynasty Good Man 唐朝好男人簡介 (2013)
Crazy for Palace 我为宫狂 (2013)
Love through a Millennium  相爱穿梭千年 (2015)
Love Through Different Times  穿越时空的爱恋(2002)
Captain of Destiny (張保仔) (2015)

Unfortunately, there aren't too many new time travels dramas out anymore because the Chinese government started regulating them but they are being released, slowly but surely.

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  1. Re-edited:
    Why did the chinese goverment banned time travel drama's?

    Anyways, I've seen most of the drama's listed. My favorite ones out of all of them was Gong and Naughty Princess/调皮王妃. Both were light hearted. And my 2nd best would probably be "Startling by Each Step" and "Crazy for Palace 我为宫狂 (2013)". Thanks for the screen caps for 调皮王妃. I actually understood the drama a bit more after reading your screen caps. It was really helpful. Will you be doing more screen caps for other cdrama's?

    1. Hi!! Thanks for your feedback. I'm most definitely going to do more. Working on Bromance which is a Taiwanese drama right now, hope to start publishing recaps soon.

      I heard time traveling dramas are more restricted now because the government was worried it would alter people's perceptions of what really happened in history. There's a few articles on it if you google "chinese ban on time travel dramas"

  2. hi, where can i watch Naughty Princess eng sub? thanks for sharing

    1. Nowhere that I see yet. Im hoping someone uploads it to viki which will making subbing it a lot easier