Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Naughty Princess (調皮王妃) Ep 7 & 8 Recap

The next day, Qing Rou is sick. Waking up with a headache, she hurriedly tries to get up to avoid getting punished. A eunuch arrives with medicine saying Chou Gong Gong ordered her to rest for two days lest she get the empress sick. Apparently, someone was touched by her help last night.

Hearing that Qing Rou is sick, Yan Qi worriedly rushes to visit her. He tells her she can't die before him or else she's dead. Laughing, Qing Rou says that she can't die again after dying.

The empress reviews Qing Rou's new work commenting it's a lot better than last time. In fact, the style is similar to Chou Gong Gong's work. Chou Gong Gong nervously chuckles and hides his needle pricked fingers. Seeing her do so well, the empress and the cousin princess (Yin Ran) decide to step up their game and have Qing Rou plan out the Emperor's birthday party. When she fails to do a good job, they will have a good excuse to kick her out.

At a lost on what to do, Qing Rou asks Du Gu for birthday party ideas and thanks him for helping her behind the scenes. (She thought he was the one bringing her medicine and pillows when she was punished.) Confused, Du Gu says the emperor recently lost his son so he would probably want to see his son the most.

Idea set, Qing Rou tells Yan Qi to bring Ah Guang to her. Thinking she's going to run away again- can't blame him for being wary with her past record- he says no at first. But after explaining the whole birthday party situation, he relents and says if there's anything else, to ask him.

Qing Rou and Ah Guang plan to act out a skit where they will bring the dead prince's ghost back to Earth for a few minutes to tell the emperor he is fine and he should live a good life. The only thing is, for Ah Guang to pretend to be the prince, he needs his make up box which was lost when they traveled to the past.

They travel back to where they first landed in the past to look for the make up box. There they are pleasantly surprised to find Da Tong, the props master from their film crew! He traveled to the past too, with two large vans,

Seeing Qing Rou about to get married to a prince, and he's just a regular person, Da Tong comments on how they all traveled to the past but there's a big difference on how they ended up. There's much to prepare for the party so Da Tong decides to follow them back to the palace to help out.

On the other side, the second prince visits a brothel and is enraptured by a beautiful prostitute. Turns out it's Kong Xuang Xuang! They spend the night together but he leaves before she wakes up and she only finds a piece of jade he mistakenly dropped. Set on finding the rich man, Xuang Xuang leaves the brothel and journeys to find the second prince.

Everything is ready except for one important piece- the first prince's outfit when he died. Out of ideas, Qing Rou asks the fourth prince for help. But he says he can't; Yan Qi put out an order that they can't help her, he wants her to ask him directly. And no matter how much she begs, the fourth prince doesn't relent.

Left with no one else, Qing Rou asks Yan Qi, He prepares the clothes but insists Qing Rou say please. Ah Guang encourages her saying hasn't she learnt how to say please from Grace in Dad Where are we going but Qing Rou refuses to say it saying she would rather find another way.

Angrily, Yan Qi stalks away saying that she can beg Du Gu, the fourth prince and even Chou Gong Gong but she can't beg him. But he leaves the clothes on the table...

Back in his room, his aide, General Yin, reveals that the first prince's clothes were destroyed already and that set of clothes was specially made so Qing Rou can use it. He adds that it's been a long time since Yan Qi has been so lively and its not necessarily unwelcomed.

Finally the awaited day comes, the emperor's birthday, how will it pan out?

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